Ellsworth says Wolf budget lacks clear thinking

February 6, 2018
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Ellsworth says Wolf budget lacks clear thinking

PITTSBURGH – Republican candidate for governor Laura Ellsworth today called Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget proposal, “more of the same – more spending, more taxes, and more burdens of the backs of working families and job-creators.”

Wolf also repeated his call for additional taxes on the state’s energy sector, which already has put more than $1.5 billion into state and local treasuries under Act 13.

“The Wolf budget calls for more spending while employing the usual dog whistle language targeting our state’s most important growth industry,” Ellsworth said. “Gov. Wolf has again shown he can’t tell the difference between politics and governance.”

Ellsworth, a Pittsburgh attorney long active in public service, is seeking the Republican nomination in the May 15 Primary.

In his speech before the general assembly, outlining spending plans for the coming fiscal year, Wolf proposed another increase in state spending, bringing the general fund budget up to nearly $33 billion. Wolf has yet to deliver an on-time budget and has failed to put his signature to any of the spending plans ultimately passed by the legislature.

Wolf was the subject of widespread criticism during last year’s budget impasse, failing to join in negotiations and rarely showing up in the state Capitol during that time.

“Clearly, in an election year, Tom Wolf can’t afford to go AWOL again. The only real question will be what sleight-of-hand he employs to make it appear he’s not digging the state further into debt and taxes,” Ellsworth said.

Other Ellsworth observations on the budget proposal:


The Wolf Budget is just more of same: more spending, more taxes, and more burdens on the backs of working families and job-creators. From minimum wage hikes that burden small and midsize businesses, to a severance tax that puts a stake in the heart of one of the most important economic opportunities for Pennsylvania in a generation, Governor Wolf shows, yet again, that he just doesn’t understand what Pennsylvania families want and need.

Education spending

Our education system is like a car broken down by the side of the road, and all Wolf wants to do is top off the tank, without fixing what’s broken. Gov. Wolf offers no vision of how to repair failing schools, nor how to foster choice in education.  Our kids are individual human beings, not ‘one-size-fits-all.’ So, why should they have nothing but a “one size fits all” educational system?  Wolf has nothing more creative to offer our kids than continuing to throw more money at a system that is fundamentally broken.”

Opioid Crisis

“The beat goes on” in Governor Wolf’s consistent mismanagement of the opioid crisis. Gov. Wolf fired the Secretary for Drug and Alcohol Programs and appointed no replacement. Then he waited for an election year to recognize the crisis and remove some of the hurdles that have held back people fighting this war on the local level.