Why I’m a Republican – by Laura Ellsworth


I’ve been a Republican all my life because of three very simple beliefs.  It is these same beliefs that compelled me to step out of the private sector and into public service to run for governor of Pennsylvania.

1.  Government is a Customer Service BusinessThe purpose of government is to serve the people, not the other way around.                               

For too long, politicians have been more concerned with their next election than responsibly serving the people they were elected to represent. Politicians have become so enamored with their own voice, they have lost the respect of the people whose interests they campaigned to protect and distorted the purpose of their position.

It is time to restore our government to its original purpose: serving the people.

We need leaders who go into public service to do something, not to be something.  The rhetoric and rancor that has clouded this purpose needs to be put aside and replaced with respect and transparency from our government and accountability from the people.

This is why it is about people, not politics, and why I want to be governor to do something for people, not be somebody.

2.  The Many in our Communities Know Better than the Few from Afar: “By the People, for the People” means that a smaller government that empowers the private sector and local communities is more effective than big government making decisions from afar.

Everyone knows from their own experience that the further away you’re removed from a situation, the less you know.  The same applies to our government: the people in our communities: the business owners, civic leaders and active members know the intricacies of what will and won’t work better than the distant bureaucrat in Harrisburg.

Just as the government is meant to serve the people, it is also meant to listen to those people, and serve them in a way that reduces their [government’s] role and empowers the private sector, not get in their way.  Reducing government regulation and taxation and increasing the freedom of Pennsylvania’s to create stronger communities will transform our Commonwealth and allow it to become all it was meant to be.

All Pennsylvanians win when we have strong economic growth and better paying jobs driven by lower taxes, less regulation, and a government that understands its purpose.

3.  Dignity and Freedom come from Standing On Your Own Two FeetProviding opportunity for our citizens to create dignity and freedom for themselves is a fundamental goal of government.

In my own life, and I am sure many others would agree, I have found independence and dignity in supporting myself in charting my own path in the world.

I want that same dignity and freedom for all of my fellow citizens.

It is for that reason that I have spent nearly twenty years volunteering in my community and serving on the leadership of more than 20 different organizations that help and advocate for the most vulnerable of citizens.

Portraying a political party as being heartless for not wanting to pay for the lives of other citizens couldn’t be farther from the truth – the most heartless thing to do is robbing a citizen of the opportunity to make a life for themselves on their own merit.

I’ve seen countless examples of Pennsylvanians who share this belief – caring for their communities by supporting fellow citizens who need help.

We must continue to support those efforts and ensure that every citizen, no matter their circumstance, has the opportunity to create a life of dignity and purpose.  This won’t be solved by distant politicians merely throwing money at a problem or creating dependence on a government system.

Providing the opportunity and protection to create a life for ALL citizens is how our Commonwealth was founded: originally from “common weal,” meaning “common good,” and it is with that goal for every citizen of Pennsylvania that I will lead as governor.