Get excited! We are at a perfect place for getting excited, but just don’t get too wet. Hump is a homemade porn film festival by Dan Savage that will make you laugh, cry, and expand your norms. The most unique and one of a kind multi-city festival we’ve ever attended with five minute home made an adult film. Move away from very hot fit men and instead, focus on the art of sex and positivity. Each short was created specifically for the festival and never distributed online or DVDs before, so you know you are in for a treat. One way to ensure this is by asking filmmakers to feature specific items each year. This year they featured Mike Huckabee’s (POOPY FACE) book or hula-hoop. This is a perfect mix of naughty things, sex, penises, art, music videos, computer games, detective story, and bondage.

While these are homemade movies and are not professionally made, many of the shorts had very high production value, music, and big assets. As well as educational as you might learn something you’ve never known. It was fascinating watching a short about Transgender men. We have to mention again that you should be prepared to have your norms challenged and bent. It’s no longer about watching porn by yourself on a computer and instead of enjoying it with strangers like in old times at adult movie theaters. Only in this festival, no one is jerking off, hopefully.

Some of our most favorite films were the Hysterical Bullshit with an adorable woman reading Mike Huckabee’s (POOPY FACE) Gods, Guns, Grits and Gravy while someone is going down on her or enjoying a vibrator. We don’t get to see it but quickly realized she is having a hell of a time and it’s not from the book. Another one of our favorites was Cake Boss where a hot and well-hung guy was using cake ingredients on a woman. While it was about sex and not actually cake, we kind of wished it did end with a real cake. Our other favorite was a Collector about a very random guy who collects seamen from famous people. Ah and all the funny things that come from that. Let’s just say Larry King makes an appearance in one form. We were also a big fan of Film Bonoir, all shot with penises in outfits, googly eyes, car chase and wigs while a private investigator is solving a crime. That must have taken a lot of green screens and work. Wonder if any fluffers were involved hehe. It’s not all just about the penis and in a music video, I Fist a Grrrl its all about vaginas with a Katy Perry like a song. There is even a whole chorus of the song sang exclusively by vaginas. Let’s just say its the most this gay is seen in many years.

Make sure not to get too excited and take your phone out to record a hot scene. Like your penis, make sure to keep your phone in your pants because they are not allowed out. Or you might never see it again.

This festival is curated by Da Savage a journalist, relationship and sex expert who runs our favorite Savage Lovecast. It will open your eyes to a vast world of kink, genders, relationships type, and sex. The world may just become a bit more complicated and fun at the same time.

Oh no did you miss all the penises? Fear not, you can still catch this festival in these upcoming cities: Seattle, Ann Arbor, Portland, Philadelphia and Bend, learn more at www.humpfilmfest.com. What in the world, Bend is a real city? The event is pretty cheap with only $20 tickets, but it sells out very fast so make sure to get your tickets soon. Even things that might have been uncomfortable for us were still great and help us expand the worldview. After all, if you are surrounded by the only thing that is comfortable you are living a boring life. So make sure to make time for this amazing event that is a must for everyone.


Since 2005, Dan Savage’s HUMP! Film Festival has been bringing a new and unusual type of porn to the people: homegrown, artisanal, ultra-heady pornography. In this day in age, we’re steering away from the mass produced, the artificial and the generic, well, everything—so why not do it with our porn? We are the Millennials, hear us roar. We want to buy local. Give us our small batch porn.

The HUMP! Film Festival is a contest for the most creative, hottest and unusual styles of pornography, made by people just like you and me. All of the submissions are less than five minutes long, so if something’s making you squeamish—or horny—hang tight, it’ll be over soon. The winners are hand selected and taken on the road, touring around the country and showing at indie theaters from Seattle to Philly. This hand curated menagerie of smut is funny, touching (hehe), endearing, sexy and—at times—even educational. And, while seeing closeup shots of genitals on the big screen is sometimes slightly jarring, HUMP! is entertaining as hell.

HUMP! features all sorts of curious kinks, hilarious scenarios, naughty animation, colorful music videos, gay, straight, queer, trans, black, white and brown sex. Mouth stuff, hand stuff, genital stuff, butt stuff. S&M, BDSM, bondage, hot wax, fire, indoor sex, outdoor sex, twosomes, threesomes, fivesomes, whatever. Stuff you couldn’t dream up if you tried. Stuff you’d already dreamt up and tried not to. HUMP! is ultra sex positive, encouraging all walks of life to flaunt it, be proud of who they are and show us how it’s done.

Each year, HUMP! has a few suggested themes that are reoccurring throughout all of the videos and this year, those were hula hoops and Mike Huckabee’s book Gods, Guns, Grits, And Gravy (because poking fun at Republicans is fun for this festival—the more vulgar, the better). Highlights from this year’s HUMP! included an erotic reading (all the while trying to keep a straight face) of the aforementioned book, while something sexy was clearly going on beneath the table. A film entitled Cuckold realistically portrayed just how emotionally complicated having a threesome is. Film Bonoir depicted a black and white dick-puppet private investigative drama (googly eyes and all). The Collector was a deadpan comedy skit about an all-American, regular guy who loves to garden… and who collects cum (this film could’ve used subtitles, as your could barely make out the dialogue over the roaring laughter of the audience).

My personal favorite was arguably the strangest, entitled Lube Dispenser. There were animal masks, plastic bags over heads and outfits made of ACE bandages… and fistingLevel Up was a Mario-inspired journey through an empowering feminist video game, where a couple of fairies fought and defeated the patriarchy, which led to a really hot group sex scene. And there was a Dick Song that will probably be stuck in everyone’s heads while they’re at work all week, silently laughing to themselves while recalling the Peter Gabriel-style music video that had accompanied it.

But the most interesting film, by far, was called Blown. It showed two transgender guys giving each other head and discussing the process of their transitions, their acceptance of their bodies and how it pays off to find someone that you’re comfortable sharing yourself with—someone who is understanding and who cares about you and your pleasure. It was like an educational public service announcement: we are trans, these are our bodies, here are the answers to your questions and this is what it looks like. Really insightful stuff that you wouldn’t ordinarily encounter elsewhere.Big thanks to Dan Savage and the HUMP! crew, for (literally) giving everyone a platform to fuck on. And thanks to the Oriental, for giving HUMP! a venue to fuck in. Orgasms and boobies aside, HUMP! is important because it rehumanizes sex. Webcam girls and internet porn desensitizes us to the fact that real people are out there fucking all the time, and that’s hotter than the scripted stuff. Watching all that fake sex may make us cum—but it also makes us self-conscience, all too aware of our adorable flaws and our endearing awkwardness. But HUMP! embraces those little foibles and normalizes them. We’re all doing it, and we’re not perfect. And that’s okay.

Dan Savage Bringing Amateur Porn Film Festival to Philly in February

Since QFest went kaput, we’ve had little opportunity to sit in a movie theater with hundreds of strangers to watch films with titles like Beethoven’s Stiff and Anal Alley, but your luck is about to change, my dirty-movie-loving friend.

“Savage Love” columnist and outspoken LGBT advocate Dan Savage is bringing his dirty movie tour, HUMP!, to Philadelphia for the very first time in February. The film series includes 17 risqué flicks made by everyday folks from the Northwest who were challenged to “become temporary, weekend porn stars by making their very own five-minute dirty movies.”

The genres run the gamut from straight to gay to lesbian to, in true Savage fashion, “things we never knew existed.”

“We bill HUMP! as an amateur porn festival,” says Savage. “But it’s more than that. It’s rare for people to watch porn that takes them outside their comfort zones—it’s rare for people to watch porn that, if they were home alone in front of the computer, they wouldn’t choose to click on and watch. At HUMP! straight people watch gay porn, vanilla people watch kinky porn, gay people watch lesbian porn. And people laugh, they gasp, sometimes they cover their eyes. But at the end of every film people clap and cheer. It’s moving and wonderful and newcomers don’t expect it. The whole festival is a celebration of sexual diversity.”

Guide for buying your first dildo


Buying your first dildo? If you are buying your first dildo then this is the very common question you face. This is a question that I am asked regularly and is not very easy to deal with. It was an article that had been in draft for a while and it was time to release it. Indeed, sometimes, depending on the case, the blog pages of some shops tell everything and anything. We often feel that the goal is to make you buy, whatever the product. However, the process of buying and choosing your first sex toy is quite important. Whether it is solo or two. We are full of questions and we are often lost to the avalanche of information that fall on us. It is not easy to know how to choose your first sex toy in these conditions. In addition, this first purchase will determine your appeal or not for these adult toys. We must therefore act with reflection.

How to choose your first sex toy: the generalities

Whether you are a single woman, a single man or a couple There will be some for everyone! So here’s how to choose your first sextoy with confidence!

The budget in the purchase of a sex toy

To know how to choose your first sex toy, you must already know his budget. Yes, I start right away with the subject who is angry. Yet this is not the first question we ask ourselves. But this is often the first certainty you will have. The kind of decision of the type ” I would not put more than X $ ” … Me first, towards my 17/18 years, my max budget was 100 $. I had bought the masturbator Tenga Flip Hole.

What I can tell you, and we’ll talk about it later, is that we should not hesitate to invest. And I insist on the word “invest”! If you limit your budget to not be disappointed, but the toy does not suit us.Too bad. So I think we have to take the problem upside down. Put the odds on your side to make it work. There is nothing worse than choosing your first sex toy with envy and being disappointed in the end. So this is where I come in, trying to help you find what suits you best. In addition, you start your search on a positive note, it’s still more fun!

The type of product you want

How to choose your first sextoy starts with the type of sex toy you want. It’s stupid, but it’s so. Ask yourself if you want a toy, an accessory, lingerie or cosmetics … It all depends on what you want to bring to yourself or your couple. We can direct his first purchase to lubricant for example. It is quite commendable and also more intelligent than buying without thinking a fuck machine 700 €. Learn to delimit the “radius” that you want to privilege. This will avoid getting lost in the meanders of the net or in your supermarket ass! It’s all about why you are here. You have to be efficient, not lose (too much) time and not leave empty-handed or disappointed. Ask yourself the question before throwing yourself into the arena.

How to choose your first sex toy with the choice of materials

It’s hard to know what toy you’re going to focus on. But, this can be done in two stages. We will therefore see what the materials to avoid are and the effects of “healthy” materials.

Latex a material to avoid

This is quite surprising because the majority of condoms I use are latex. Even if you know that I also use polyisoprene condoms. For example, with the Skyn Elite Manix . Do not throw away your latex hoods because they are very effective. On the other hand, latex sex toys have several disadvantages.

The latex is porous

First disadvantage and not least, the latex is porous. That is, it “absorbs” bacteria and germs. This makes the toy extremely difficult to clean and almost impossible to disinfect completely. Another point, the latex stains quickly and it is irrattrapable.

Latex Allergies

Second disadvantage that affects fewer people, allergies. Some people are allergic to latex, so avoid dying because of a toy! And last disadvantage, the effects of latex … The latex is not smooth. It tends to not slip and irritate the mucous membranes because of friction. You understand, the latex for condoms, it’s perfect but for sextoys, it’s quickly hell! By cons, for clothes, it’s just sublime!

The jelly, this material that must be removed

Jelly is a material that is still found regularly in loveshop. The trap is that toys made with this material are often cheap. And since you do not want to spend too much to be disappointed, you will fall back on it. This is the vicious circle par excellence! The jelly has many disadvantages that are much more convincing than those of latex.


First, the jelly contains (very often) phthalates. These are chemical and toxic components with many side effects. In particular on the fertility and the development of the fetus. It’s an endocrine disruptor. And, icing on the cake, it would be carcinogenic. So, if in doubt, turn to other substances! Moreover, I recommend you read the article on hazardous components in lubricants and cosmetics that will tell you a little more about endocrine disruptors.


Secondly, the jelly is porous and here we come back to the same problems as with latex. It allows the absorption of bacteria and germs. It’s not very sexy, you’ll agree. Last argument that will probably touch the most sensitive, the jelly, it stinks! Yes it stinks of plastic, oil, chemical. And I guess you do not want to put in the vagina or ass something that stinks? Of course not !

Silicon, the king of oil

It is, let’s say it, the material n ° 1 used for the toys intended for the pleasure of the adults. This material has a number of advantages. Silicone is guaranteed without phthalates. It is hypoallergenic, non-porous and cleans well enough. Level effects, the silicone is smooth, soft and slides very well. Sometimes it hangs a bit depending on the density and quality of the silicone. In addition, it is flexible. It is for these reasons that silicone is a must have materials for sex toys!

Several levels of silicon exist

However, there are several levels of silicone. Silicone is very average, but also very high quality! I think especially VixSkin, the special silicone used on Vixen dildos, like Vixen Johnny or Vixen Outlaw . This silicone is just incredibly awesome. It offers a texture close to the skin. But you also have very good silicone at Bad Dragon or the dildo Ozymandias de Petit Vice.

Silicon constraints

Nevertheless, silicone has some constraints. There are two that we meet frequently. It catches dust and you have to pay attention to the lubrication. Some silicones tend to catch dust. I think in particular of the sex toys Fun Factory brand, although recently, it is a little better on this point. But this point is not unacceptable. I tend to recommend cleaning after use (obviously) but also before. I take this opportunity to slip my article on cleaning sex toys.

Lubricant and silicon

Then, for lubrication, avoid silicone-based lubricants that can damage your toy. Do not panic, there are plenty of water-based lubricants of excellent quality. Nevertheless, some silicone-based lubricants may be compatible with silicone products. This requires a “patch test”. And as I’m nice, you can read all the reviews in lubricants site to guide you.

What size dildo to buy?

Another consideration when choosing your first dildo is the size. Dildos vary from tiny little things, to giant sticks which you couldn’t possibly get into your body. Which size should you buy?

For beginners, something on the shorter end is usually preferred. More experienced users might enjoy something much longer. Over time anyone can work up to nearly any size dildo, but it’s important not to be too ambitious too quickly.

What style dildo to buy?

You should also look at many of the other ways in which dildos are different. Some look completely artificial, just a long coloured stick. Others look like realistic dildos, mimicking the look of a penis.

For some, inserting a untextured, basic dildo can feel quite formulaic, so getting something that actually looks like a penis, and turns you on can make a massive difference.

Using a Dildo for the First Time

We’ll close out with a little advice on what to do once you’ve actually bought your first dildo, as when it finally arrives it might be a little intimidating.

The most important part is to make sure you have lube. Inserting any dildos without lubrication can be both difficult and painful.

First you’ll want to relax. Being tense makes inserting a dildo much more difficult. Find a comfortable position, and do whatever it takes to put yourself into a good state of mind.

Next lubricate everything thoroughly. You need to put lube on your dildo AND your butt or vagina to make sure everything is nice and slippery.

Then it comes to insertion. Start with just the tip, and gently push it in. You don’t have to rush to get the whole thing in. Just take it one step at a time, and then when you feel ready, move a little deeper!

With these tips on buying and using a dildo, you’re sure to have a great time whichever product you end up choosing!