Beginners’ Guide in Choosing a Vibrator

¬†Vibrators are those devices that can wear different shapes and sizes with a vibration system. These vibrators have evolved from simple cylinders to devices with innovative shapes, specially designed to overcome all women’s senses. They can be found at any sex shop.

Vibrators can be made of different materials, usually chosen from silicone, latex, metal and a material that perfectly mimics the human skin. Vibrators are divided into many, very many categories. Of the most important and most sought-after are:

  1. The first category is that of mini-vibrators. These vibrators can be up to 14 cm in diameter and variable. They can have different gears and know exactly where to reach to cause a shattering orgasm.
  2. Classical vibrators are used exclusively for vaginal penetration. Likewise, varying lengths and sizes, ranging from long and thin to short and thick but also long and thick.
  3. Anal vibrators usually have a smaller diameter for strictly elasticity reasons. These vibrators perfectly replace the partner, often having different gears.
  4. Let your senses reach out to these eccentric vibrators that are specially made to go straight to the target: point G.
  5. Realistic vibrators are made exclusively of revolutionary material that mimics the human skin perfectly, both in texture and elasticity.
  6. Clitoral vibrators are made for penetration but with another device attached to the normal vibrator it also stimulates the clitoris for maximum effect.
  7. Double vibrators have come to be extreme looking for the simple fact that no man can penetrate both the vagina and the anus of a woman at the same time, but these vibrators can.
  8. The Strap-on Vibrators are nothing more than a pair of slips attached to different vibrator designs, even double vibrators, for incredible lesbian pleasures.
  9. Vibratory eggs are mini-vibrators with oval shape used both for clitoral stimulation and for penetration.
  10. Waterproof vibrators are vibrating from any of the categories listed above but with the possibility of being used in shower or bathtub.

The vibrators have been, and they will still be challenged by men, who feel offended or perhaps useless. But the same story was about wearing pants at women. The vibrator cannot be your replacement, but rather as a help as a partner. But can you use normal vibrator for anal? So you need to know the basics first and do not hesitate when your partner wants to visit sex shop.

How to Choose a Vibrator

The wide variety of styles, sizes, and fabrics of vibrators can be both inspirational and discouraging. Finding the perfect vibrator requires some work, but pleasant. Answering some simple questions can prevent over-information and disappointment.

  1. Why do you want to use it?

Want to use it for the clitoris? Want to put it in your vagina or anus? Since almost anything vibrates produces pleasure if it touches or is close to the clitoris, penetrating vibrators can also be used outside of the vagina if the vibrations are strong enough at the top. Do you want both the penetration sensation and the so important clitoral buzz? Hi-tech vibrators do not let you give up any of the sensations in favor of the other. Rechargeable Vibrators are the strongest, so if it’s difficult to get orgasm, you could try one of these for the start. If you intend to use a toy for anal penetration, make sure it has a funnel base so it does not slip completely in. Some erotic toys are specially designed for anal use, but most are not, so it’s best to choose a special one made for anal play if that’s what attracts you.

How strong do you want the vibrations to be?

If you have never used vibrators, this is a question that is difficult to answer with certainty, so prepare to experiment! If your way of masturbating is a firm one and not a slight touch, you will certainly appreciate a strong vibration. Choose an adjustable vibration toy to play before you can discover how powerful the vibrations are to start your engine. After a few initial investigations, you will be ready to come up with a vibrant dream orgasm.

How much are you willing to spend?

Mini vibrator Lady Finger White is the cheapest vibrator we sell, it is strong enough and has a nice design. Some people want to test with cheaper vibrators. But if the luxurious, sensational rabbit Fun Factory Paul & Paulina double action falls into your budget, and you have the feeling that it will make you float, skip the preliminaries at any price and take it!

How big do you want it to be?

Discrete erotic toys in the purse are appealing to those who want orgasm on the go. But if it does not go too far from the bedside table, the size does not really matter. If you plan to use it for penetration, the circumference of the toy can be as impressive as the vibration intensity. If you’re not sure what diameter you want, it’s better to be smaller than too big to be sure it fits.

What do you prefer aesthetically?

You narrowed searches to two or three options, and you used all the information; now is the time to let go of the rational thinking and to choose the one who gives you the sexy side of your imagination. It could be the most beautiful, the most twisted, the most comfortable or the most familiar. Desire and aesthetics are personal; choose the vibrator or vibrator that speaks to you personally.

How to use a dildo

Dildos are the best choice of sex toys when it comes to self-esteem. Unlike vibrators, a dildo do not move alone. In fact, it only makes the moves you do. The major advantage is that you can control it to do a multitude of things that no part of the human body can do. You can also choose the exact shape and size you want. Most people think dildos are self-defining. Manufacturers are likely to agree with this, since they never include instructions for use in the packaging. But if using a dildo raises your

Curiosity and you do not know where to start, the steps below provide basic information on using a dildo, while providing enough space for personal interpretation.

Choose it carefully

The correct choice of a dildo is a basic element considering that a dildo does nothing but the movements you generate and does not produce any kind of movement. If you choose one too large it may not be suitable for you no matter how excited and motivated you are. If you choose a shape, or a color that does not attract you, it is also possible to find it difficult to use it. If you are not sure of the size you want, try to think about other objects that you used for penetration (fingers, penis, vegetables washed very carefully, etc.). If you use a dildo because you have never had penetrative sex, you should start using your fingers or a smaller dildo.

How to Achieve Intense Orgasm without your Partner

If you have courage, say the word vibrator in front of your friends. Blessed owners are thinking about their playful boyfriend, who gives them intense moments. Those who have not yet bought such a sex toy either dream a few moments of ecstasy or do not want it because they already have a ferocious male in bed. Whatever your category, learn everything about best anal vibrator for women! History, types, use and curiosities!

A little history of the vibrator!

For centuries, doctors have treated women against stress, migraines and hysteria by masturbation! Only in those days masturbation was known as “pelvic massage”. Doctors thought that the stimulation of the vulva had nothing to do with sex; it was just a medical practice for relaxation and treatment.

The first vibrator for external use has emerged from pure medical desires, being used to relax and treat rheumatism. In 1880 the first electromechanical vibrator was patented, and in 1902 the first electric vibrator available worldwide. Thus, the vibrator was among the first “house” electrical items, after the sewing machine, fan, kettle and toaster.

Quite fast, the vibrator industry has grown blooming. In the early 1900s, there were already advertisements for a lot of types of vibrators. We have chosen for you the funniest name: “Woman’s Home Companion”. In 1920, vibrators first appeared in porn movies, and their medical use for the decent society ceased due to sexual connotations. Of course, many hypocritical couples were abolishing the vibrator in public, while at home they used it with great pleasure.

Since the 1980s, vibration reluctance has come to an end with the opening of the public to sex and sex life. Thus, vibrators and sexual toys have been perceived as becoming more and more normal, opening up a lot of sex shop shops, especially in America.

The vibrator and the contemporary era

Compared to other sexual methods, the vibrator can bring you faster to orgasm. In addition, experts say vibrators produce a much more intense orgasm than manual stimulation.  Over the last 10 years, many doctors specializing in sexual therapy have recommended vibrators to women who have difficulty getting orgasm through another type of stimulation or even sex with their partner.


Also, many couples have one or more vibrators that spice and diversify their sex life. For a hot sex game, the vibrator can be the perfect prelude. Vibrators are sold in sex shop and not only in hundreds of shapes, colors, sizes, and even flavors, to meet even the most demanding sexual needs. Some vibrators need batteries, while others are plugged into a socket or vacuum-operated. Some are simple; others offer not only clitoral stimulation, but vaginal or anal.

7 types of vibrators

How many vibrators each day of the week! That’s a challenge!

  1. The clitoral vibrator

The clitoris vibrator is a sex toy that brings you on the verge of orgasm by stimulating clitoral. Although even a normal vibrator can stimulate the clitoris, most clitoral vibrators have a completely different shape: a special design, a small size, and a model of no length, but rather wide, slightly round.

There is even a vacuum-based clitoral vibrator that excites the clitoral area by enlarging it, acting just like a suction cup. Certain vibrators are designed to provide clitoris and point G stimulation at the same time. No matter what shape you choose (butterfly, rabbit, cat, tongue), the goal is the same: achieving clitoral orgasm at different speeds and intensities.

  1. Vibrator waterproof

Like waterproof mascara, the waterproof vibrator is waterproof. However, it contains batteries, so it should be good to make sure that the place of the batteries is well closed, before using it in the shower, in the bathtub or in the pool. It is good to use the waterproof vibrator along with a water-based lubricant, and after each use remove the batteries from it until new use.

  1. The hidden vibrator

The undercover vibrator is another type of discrete vibrator that can take the form of any object used daily: lipstick, phone, pencil, pen, etc. And find out that some women even use real mobile phones as a vibrator. Hidden vibrators are made of plastic, latex or vinyl, in a lot of shapes and colors, to fool the eyes of the curious. They are small, easy to carry, have one speed and one battery.

  1. Egg-shaped vibrator

The egg-shaped vibrator can be used both to stimulate the clitoris and to stimulate the vagina by inserting it into the vagina. The egg, also known as the egg of love, may also have the shape of a bullet, but not its size. This type of vibrator is considered to be one of the most discrete vibrators and sexual toys, since it does not measure more than 7 cm in length and 3 in width.

  1. Butterfly vibrator

This is the famous vibrator used by Rio Carnival dancers. They can be confused with a tiny slip that hides the vaginal area, but it is actually a butterfly vibrator with two heads: one for stimulating the clitoris and the other for insertion into the vagina.

The butterfly vibrator binds around the thighs and waist and can be used for extra stimulation during intercourse. It is sold in 3 types: traditional, with remote control or anal stimulation. They are made of silicone, plastic, latex or jellylike material and offer intense and fast pleasure.

  1. The vibrator ring

Well, here’s a vibrator for men, but whose results both partners enjoy! The partner has to insert the penis through the vibrating ring until it gets to the base of the penis. Once on, the ring not only provides the partner’s clitoral stimulation but also turns the penis into the coolest vibrator, 100% natural!

The term dildo is most often used for sex toys with a phallus-like end, but that does not provide any kind of vibration.

Vibrating dildos usually look more like a penis, being used for all types of sex: vaginal, oral, anal. They are designed for both individual and partner use, if you are keen for strong sensations. In addition, they may have two heads for vaginal and anal stimulation at the same time.