Five Music Festivals You Can Attend in Pennsylvania

Only after the pandemic hit did we all realize how many things we took for granted. Doing something simple as going out and having fun with friends became almost impossible. But as the situation is getting under control, people are looking for fun things to do. 


If you’re in Pennsylvania, for example, numerous festivals are being held during the year. Here, we’ll go over the five best PA festivals for those living in the area or planning to visit soon!

1. The Pocono Mountains Music Festival

The Pocono Mountains Music Festival started in 2009 under the name of Buck Hill Skytop Music festival. Over the years, it’s become one of the few music festivals that stayed true to the initial vision — to enrich, educate, and entertain visitors.


This is one a local favorite, and even in these tough times, it has managed to stay the same as it was. That is probably because the Pocono Mountains Music Festival is a non-profit charity organization, so its existence depends on donations and sponsors.


The great thing about the Pocono Mountains Music Festival is that it features both world-renowned artists as well as local talents. The variety of music genres that can be heard makes this one of the most diverse music festivals out there. 

It is one of the few PA festivals, if not the only one, that helps high school students participate and get hands-on experience by performing with world-renowned artists. Because most high school musicals were canceled due to the situation the whole world was in, this is a great way for kids to show their skills to a broad audience.


2. Wally Lake Fest

The Wally Lake Fest is one of the biggest festivals in the Northern Pocono Mountains area. It’s one of the hottest summer music festivals that’s held annually during the last weekend in August. Wally Lake Fest, as one of the most anticipated PA festivals, has been held since 2010, and it celebrates everything related to summer, making it last a few days longer. Each year, visitors can experience something new.


With incredible classic car shows and bike rides to live music performances held on the lake itself, this is one of the festivals that’s a must-see if you’re planning a trip to Pennsylvania in the summertime. There are dozens of activities to participate in during the last weekend of August. The great thing about the Wally Lake Fest is that it’s family-friendly, so anyone can come and have a great time.


Wallenpaupack lake alone is a sight for itself. It has more than 50 miles of shoreline and is a great place for both fishing, swimming, and other types of summer activities on the water. 

One of the biggest attractions of the Wally Lake Fest is the Wallypalooza — a floating stage with bands performing live in the middle of the lake! You can enjoy the show from the beach or even paddle up to the stage.

3. Musikfest

Musikfest is one of the biggest free music festivals in PA — no, in the whole nation. It has one of the longest traditions being that the first Musikfest was held in 1984! It’s held annually and starts on the first Friday of August and lasts ten days. 


Every year, around a million people visit this festival, enjoying the diversity in music, food, drinks, and other activities available throughout Bethlehem. 

If you thought that Musikfest is just one in a line of many music festivals out there, you were wrong. There are many other fun activities to choose from, from comedy shows to art performances and other entertaining exhibitions. There’s a total of 16 stages during the Musikfest, or as they’re called “Platzes.” (Local German heritage is the foundation of the festival, and it’s the reason why most venues include the word “Platz” at the ending.)


Each year the lineup is different, and it’s the reason why Musikfest has become one of the best free festivals in the country. Some of the most famous artists that performed during Musikfest include the Chainsmokers, Santana, Godsmack, Run D.M.C., Duran Duran, ZZ Top, and many others. 

4. The Peach Music Festival

The Peach Music Festival is one of the most entertaining festivals held annually at the Pavilion at Montage Mountain. It started in 2012 and has been attracting thousands of visitors each year. Well, except for 2020.


The festival is held annually during summertime, mostly in late July or at the beginning of August. The Peach Music Festival attracts visitors who enjoy various types of rock music. Reggae, jazz, jam, country — take your pick! 


The great thing about this festival is that tickets include access to the nearby water park. That allows visitors to cool off while listening to their favorite bands perform.


Visitors are encouraged to shop locally from the numerous vendors scattered across Scranton. It’s one of the PA festivals that not only brings joy and entertainment to thousands of visitors but also helps the local economy. 


The Peach Music Festival lasts four days, from Thursday to Sunday, covering many live performances. It offers special events every day, too. Prices start from $99 for a 4-day pass and go up to $1160 for a super VIP pass without camping. With so many options available, it’s best to visit their website and consider all the options available.

5. Milford Music Festival

The Milford Music Festival started in 2002 as the Milford Jazz Festival. It expanded quickly and became one of the most anticipated music festivals in the area. Although jazz is the primary music genre of the festival, visitors can enjoy performances of blues, rock, and pop artists.


Like many other festivals out there, music isn’t the only thing you can enjoy in this charming town. Local restaurants and shops will present their best products on the streets of Milford, offering regular specials to both locals and visitors.

The whole idea behind the Milford Music Festival is to bring the town together and show the best of what Milford has to offer. The great thing about these types of festivals is that they encourage local talents to participate in the shows. 


Dozens of businesses are also a part of the Milford Music Festival as well. Visitors can enjoy tasty street food, cold drinks, and indoor and outdoor shopping while their favorite music is filling up this historic town!

The historic atmosphere is what makes this one of the most enjoyable PA festivals. It’s held annually and lasts throughout the weekend.