4 Things to Know Before Using Butt Plugs

5The Butt Plug will delight your butt and that of your partner! Its original shape consists of three balls of different diameter to gradually stimulate the anus. As you pass each ball you will experience intense sensations. Thanks to its small size, this plug is especially suitable for beginners. Its flat base facilitates its use and also serves as a stopper.

With lubricant this anal plug becomes very slippery. It consists of an extremely strong glass, is case-safe and almost unbreakable. This sex toy can be heated in hot water for unique and varied sensations or cooled in the refrigerator. This adult sex toy is easy to clean with soap and water or a special sex toy cleaner. It can be used with any type of lubricant.

Butt plug – anal plug

The butt plug or anal plug is called an aid used in fecal incontinence. In contrast to the anal tampon, the anus is closed by an internal balloon which is held close to the anus via a t-shaped shaft from the outside. This is to ensure a reliable seal of the anus.

The butt plug must not be used if there is damage to the intestinal wall in the area of ??the anus, bleeding from the anus, hemorrhoids, as well as anal fissures. Any suspicion of malignant tumors in the rectum area should be ruled out in advance, moreover, no surgery in the anal area should have been performed within a month.


Before inserting into the anus, the butt plug is briefly cleaned again with soap and water. Then a bump test is performed to check if the balloon is still tight. Add about 20-40ml of air or water through the valve into the balloon. If there are no leaks, the air or water can be sucked out again with the syringe and the butt plug is ready for use.

Can you boil a silicone butt plug? For hygienic reasons, the user should wear disposable gloves. Before inserting into the anus, coat the butt plug with a lubricant and fill the syringe with about 50 ml of air or warm water. Now the butt plug is inserted all the way into the anus with the valve pointing to the front. As an ideal posture for insertion, it has been found that a standing position should be taken and an angled at, for example, placed on the toilet rim. Now the filled syringe is attached to the valve and the balloon slowly filled while the butt plug is held firmly with the other hand. In general, about 20-40ml is needed to fill the balloon so that it seals well the anus but does not cause unpleasant feelings.

Especially at the beginning of the application, the butt plug should be worn only a few hours a day to get used to the feeling. Later, the butt plug can be worn for 12 hours or longer, but it should not be used overnight, according to the manufacturer, unless it is medically prescribed by the doctor.

The removal of the anal plug is also very easy and should be carried out as with the insertion only with disposable gloves. To do this, the same position is taken as during insertion. The empty syringe is now placed on the valve, and the balloon slowly emptied, while the butt plug is held firmly with the other hand. Now the butt plug can be removed slowly, while some chair with leak.


Since the butt plug according to the manufacturer is suitable for multiple use, the butt plug must be cleaned well after use with warm water and soap. It is important to ensure that no stool residue stick to the butt plug, then it can be used for well longer than a week.

Prescription Capability

As the anal stopper does not have an aid number yet, reimbursement by the statutory health insurance companies is not possible. However, the costs may be covered by a manufacturer’s clinical trial. Furthermore, there are patent issues, so the product is not officially available in stores.

Butt plugs

You like extravagant piercing with a special feeling? Then anal plugs offer you exactly what you are looking for. Attractive and available in numerous materials, some discreet anal plugs and butt plugs offer a lot both visually and sensory. So you can indulge yourself and charm your loved one with hot behind-the-scenes. In our guide you will learn what you should consider before buying.

What is a butt plug?

A butt plug, also anal plug or called in German anal plug, is a combination of a special piece of jewelry for the genital area and a small dildo. The toy is intended exclusively for anal use and therefore has a special shape. Introduced into the anus, the sphincter securely encloses the shaft, while the widening at the top prevents the little lust bringer from slipping. Here, the anus is stretched on a gentle way and the anal plug can thus ideally prepare for anal intercourse. Of course, you can just wear the hot piece of jewelry and enjoy the stretching. There are different types of butt plugs, for more information about butt plugs, visit loveplugs.

What makes the special charm?

Butt plugs offer several stimuli at once. In addition to the resulting strain, the weight plays a crucial role. Lightweight models that disappear almost unnoticeably in the bottom and reveal only the visible ornament, are ideal as jewelry, if it should just be something special in the genital area. The higher the weight – and this can be as low as a few grams for plastic plugs and up to 500g for metal variations – the more intense the stimulation is experienced.

It is also no longer a secret that most people in the anus are excitable. Depending on the type and your own feelings, this excitability can awaken completely new and intense feelings of pleasure. And the highlight is that you can deliver this sexual stimulation to you anytime, anywhere. Because a butt plug is a sweet little secret, which only – if any – your partner learns. So you can quite unabashedly live your desire and let fantasies play.

Butt plugs – for you, for him, for everyone!

The assumption that anal eroticism is given to homosexual men has long since been shelved. Many women love to be filled from the back and like to give the intense tingling charm of anal games.

For couples, the plug can provide new and exciting impulses because the little toy makes it possible to feel filled as a woman from the back and front and to fully enjoy the benefits of both seductions. You as a partner, however, will love to feel the new dimension of tightness and friction. And even heterosexual men come with this toy at their expense. Special models with the right length and diameter optimally stimulate the prostate. This effect on the male G-spot leads to an even more intense lust life and can lead to orgasms in entirely new dimensions.

How does Prostate Sex Feel?

How to find your prostate? This is really a good question that you will never find a satisfactory answer to. The problem is that you do not have a prostate. After all, you are a woman. Although you have everything you need for female sexual experiences. And you can also imagine what it’s like to penetrate a woman from a male perspective. You can imitate the movements and go on a mental journey but you can only imitate it, not feel it. Even if you have a strap-on buckle up and go into the active role, you feel nothing. Recently actually had a penis at short notice. You are allowed to look at the Spiegel online editorial porn with a VR glasses. What a thing! And then there came this woman to me, leaned down and took my virtual cock between her breasts. Interesting perspective, I thought. And already the film was over and three pairs of eyes from the editorial looked at me questioningly: “how was it?” I did not know exactly. There was nothing there to touch and feel. And if I have problems with the penis, how should I find out what the stimulation of the prostate feels like? But I’m not giving up that fast.

Prostate & G-Spot: Not so different

Talking about sex is one thing. Talking about anal lusts is another thing altogether. But this topic is especially associated with too much shame. And the prostate lies inside the male body and can be reached through the anus. That’s why men do not really like to talk about their experiences. There is a lot to discover here, if a man allows it.

The prostate has a status similar to the G-spot. Man has heard of it before, but does not know what to do with it. Now the access is difficult because the prostate cannot be felt by a vagina, but only by the anus. That’s a big hurdle, no question. There are men whose butt is an absolute restricted area. They may fumble with their partner; they may even dip there with their penis but when it comes to her own anus, no, no. Fears, prejudices and rigid role assignments keep them from this experience. It would be exciting in my view, just to experience this other side. You have the opportunity, use them! The anus is unisexual; here is the same right for both sexes. Everything is the same here, except for the prostate.

Do not be put off!

Of course, fears are also fueled by prostate exams. In the doctor-patient situation, there is always someone else, but not the patient. He stands there and has to lower his pants. This setting is only interesting for people with certain preferences. All others feel helpless and at the mercy of others. And now the following grip on the anus is truly no more exciting. There we have the above-mentioned parallel to the G point. His touch is only pleasurable when there is already excitement. Then he fills up like the prostate with fluid and emerges sublime. We all know the difference between pleasurable and off-putting. And a prostate exam is definitely off-putting. Therefore nobody needs to ask for such an investigation, how a gay man can only feel pleasure here. Hardly anyone will find this situation arousing. We women do not freak with pleasure when the gynecologist introduces a medical examination device into our vagina.

When men discover themselves

And then there are men who have already researched themselves very carefully:

  • Men who have sex with other men.
  • Men who try all sorts of Anal toys while discovering their prostate.
  • Men who learn in anal massage classes, how sensitive their rectum is and how incredibly fulfilling a prostate massage can be.

These are the men we are looking for. What did you experience? What feelings are up there? We women know that, this total surrender, to accommodate others, to let go. Men always think in heterosexual connection that they have to do something, have to move. They hope their penis stays hard. They focus on their partner and self-proclaimed responsibility for their orgasm on their shoulders. It’s hard to let go. Help of a sex toy might do, navigate here for more prostate massagers and get yours now.

The secret lust of men

Just relax and let it go. In prostate stimulation, they experience something very similar to women at the G-spot. The first touch can be uncomfortable with both, especially without arousal. And as with the massage of the G-spot, it may be the feeling that the bladder is full. The prostate stimulation does not necessarily have to culminate in a climax. But she can do it. And then the orgasm seems to be much more intense.

And so men describe these feelings:

  • You experience whole body orgasms.
  • You feel the pleasure in it.
  • It tingles and trembles all over.
  • They report intense feelings of happiness, lust and lust.

They describe this orgasm as more intense and fulfilling than that caused by pure penis stimulation. Especially the latter we know from the G-spot. Again, some women describe their feelings as more intense and going through the whole body.

The anal massage – source of pleasure and devotion

A full erection, when deeply accepted, appreciated and revered, brings men to their powerful size. The phallic power is associated with the qualities of courage, power, potency, strength, assertiveness and the will to act, as the source of life and as a symbol of masculinity.

If men understand how to associate these qualities with their “female proportions”, which for example have something to do with beauty, devotion, abundance and delicacy, then they can bring their phallic power into the world as an expression of love and for the good of all life, They connect their “sword, the man, the warrior” with the “inner woman, with love and devotion”. Many men have a closed, hard anus and too strong an erection. They lack devotion. As a result, they can openly perceive neither themselves nor their partner during sexuality. This behavior results in sexual problems such as Praecox (premature ejaculation) or other ejaculation disorders.

The prostate and the G-spot

Just as most women report that their orgasms are deeper, wider, fuller and more supported, when a G-spot massage is added to the clitoral stimulation, an extensive prostate massage in men also leads to a deep and prolonged orgasm. Through the healing opening that is possible during prostate massage at all levels, the sexual energy can unfold and spread throughout the body and in the being of the man.

An orgasm that has been triggered mainly via the G-spot (the clitoris is peripherally involved in the development of an orgasm) is described by women as wide, connected, deep and long-lasting. This, too, is similar to the men’s sensation of orgasm, which was mainly triggered by the prostate : long-lasting, touching, deep, and carried. These kinds of orgasms let us experience our yin – the more “feminine” sensations of our sexuality.

The combination of clitoral and G-spot stimulation in women, or penis and prostate in men, is what women and men describe as a holistic experience of their sexuality. Thus, the woman connects with her “male” and the man with his “female” shares. This fusion of yin and yang makes us whole.

How to Achieve Maxumum Pleasure with Sex Toys

Anal balls are a kind of sex toys and are a few balls, fastened like a bead with a string or semi-rigid connection. Also in the assortment of sex toys store “One Plus” can be found and balls on a rigid basis – metal or glass, but this type can be attributed to the varieties of dildos. Alas, many people do not even suspect how to use anal balls with maximum pleasure and what precautions must be taken, which is why they refuse from this amazing sensation of experiment.

As a rule, anal balls are used by the fair sex to excite a partner and the diversity of their sexual everyday life, since this sexual accessory perfectly stimulates the anus and also helps strengthen the walls of the vagina, which undoubtedly affects the quality of the sexual feelings of both partners. But anal balls are not only used by women.

Are anal balls suitable for men?

Some men also find certain benefits and pleasant sensations from stimulation of the anus. The fact is that the prostate is best stimulated through the anus, which is why men get much more pleasure from the process of dipping balls into the anus than women. You should also find out the answer to the questions like can you use anal beads in vagina?

Contrary to misconceptions and stereotypes, it is recommended that heterosexual men be used anal balls to increase potency and prevent hemorrhoids. And such prevention is much more pleasant if it is carried out with his beloved in the form of a sexual game, and not in the doctor’s office. When the prostate is stimulated with anal balls for men, the sensations are greatly exacerbated, the erection is improved and the prevention of unpleasant male diseases is carried out, which the beloved will definitely notice.

You should not listen to evil tongues and believe in prejudices, hinting at the unconventional orientation of such fun. There is no connection between prostate stimulation and the orientation of a man, and there can be no – this is just an anatomical feature and nothing more!

Rules for using anal balls and chains

It is necessary to use anal chains and balls carefully, with observance of precautionary measures. It is not recommended to use toys in the presence of any diseases of the intestinal tract, and indeed on this issue it is better to consult with a medical specialist.

Before using anal balls, it is worth examining certain safety requirements as well as personal hygiene rules to avoid unpleasant consequences.

In no case cannot be transferred to the temporary use of items used for sexual pleasures or take any for yourself. This is purely personal, like a toothbrush or a razor, which no one should use except the owner.

Like any new purchase that has contact with the body, the anal balls should be washed with warm (but not hot) soapy water and treated with antiseptic. You can not process products made of latex, cyber skin, rubber and plastic with chemically active detergents, as well as boiling water, as this will destroy their structure.

Anal balls in the process of long-term operation can be damaged; they can form cracks, chips or similar defects. In this case, this sex toy can not be used in any case, because the rectum inside has very delicate walls that are easily injured.

A good lubricant will ensure easy, pleasant and safe penetration of the toy into the anus. Saliva can also be used as a lubricant, but it is not very aesthetically pleasing and is not always safe – there is a mass of various microbes in the mouth. It is not recommended to use grease-based lubricants, as well as cream, because they destroy the structure of latex, from which balls are most often made. In addition, lubricants have a pleasant smell, but it does not interfere with anal games.

Do not get carried away and in the heat of passion shove the anal balls entirely in the anus, part of this sex toy should remain outside.

Anal balls are introduced gradually, because their sharp introduction can injure the rectum. Slow injection allows the sphincter and intestine to stretch to the required size. But you can take out both slowly and quickly – it all depends on individual preferences.

After use, like any sex toy, the chain (balls) must be washed with warm soapy water and treated with an antiseptic.

The use of anal balls can be for a couple of new sexual game, which also brings not only new sensations to women, but also the benefit of men.

If you need to buy anal balls over the Internet, then we invite you to evaluate our range of this type of toys. Today there are a great many products for anal sex and their entire range can be explored in the catalog of our store and immediately buy anal balls especially at https://loveplugs.co/.

Anal sex: Many more have this phrase causing conflicting feelings. For some, this is an unusual and very pleasant sensation, often giving an orgasm, and for someone – an obscene and dirty business. The negative attitude towards non-traditional types of sex, which, in particular, is anal contact, is based on the prejudice that people with certain abnormalities are involved in this. Yes, there are some young people who prefer homosexual contact to heterosexual. But this article is more likely not addressed to homosexuals, because they are well aware of why certain anal stimulants are needed.

So why do you need it – anal sex?

First, anal stimulation gives pleasure to most men, regardless of their sexual orientation due to the peculiarities of the anatomical location of the organs of the reproductive system (the prostate is stimulated during anal contact). Many men do not confess about their desires, fearing misunderstanding on the part of their partner.

Secondly, anal stimulants and anal toys in general can solve the problem of the anatomical discrepancy of the partners’ genitals. If the partner, for example, after childbirth, has weakened the muscular wall of the vagina and during intimacy it no longer tightly grasps the man’s penis, then the woman and the man no longer receive the full sensation of sex. This problem is easily solved if the partners use a small anal plug during sexual intercourse. The stimulator inserted into the anus expands it, thereby significantly narrowing the vagina.

And thirdly, the use of anal stimulants is simply necessary if the partners decide to have anal sex, because the introduction of the penis into the anus without prior preparation (relaxation) of this area for this kind of contact can lead to very painful sensations and even injuries.

Anal stimulator is a product specifically designed for anal sex. It serves to increase the sensitivity during sexual intercourse due to the convergence (contact) of the walls of the anus and vagina in women, as well as stimulation of the erogenous zones of the anal area (both women and men). All anal stimulants have devices at the base that will help you keep the product out. Regardless of the complexity of the product and the accuracy of reproduction of the male sexual organ, all stimulators play the role of original simulators, manipulations with which allow you to study your own sexual reactions, to realize the most incredible sexual fantasies, to use them in sexual games with a partner.

What is the Importance of Using Butt Plugs?

Whole treatises are written about anal sex. The relevance of the topic, on the one hand, is fueled by the negative medical assessment of this action, and on the other, by the irrepressible imagination of experimenters who want to taste the forbidden fruit. In this article we will not try to write a manual on sexual practice, we will try to consider both the positive and negative aspects of this topic.

Where do legs grow from?

The opinion that anal sex is an exceptionally modern phenomenon is wrong. All forms of sexual activity, whatever they may be, are as old as all mankind. At the same time, anal sex was practiced at all times for various reasons: using it as a contraceptive, as a form of sexual satisfaction with homosexuality, in order to preserve virginity before the wedding, and even as a way to transfer spiritual knowledge from the teacher to the student. There are butt plug for beginners also.

What is it?

Many people think that by anal sex is meant directly penetration, but this form of sex also includes stimulation with your fingers, tongue or sex toys. Each of these forms of sexual activity has its name in sexology, but now we will not dwell on this in detail.

At the same time, the harmfulness of the possible consequences of such games depends on the pace, the onslaught of the partner and, as it may sound, the diameter of the penetrating object. This is exactly the case when size matters, because the thicker / longer the more careful partners should be.

Physiology: anal sex for men and for women

Men: According to online surveys, most of the men who have tried anal sex say that this is an incomparable pleasure, which arises mainly due to a closer space and, consequently, stronger stimulation of the penis. Therefore, trying such an alternative to ordinary sex, they experience a brighter sexual experience, and orgasm comes faster. At the same time, penetration often does not cause pain in a man.

Often, men use special anal stimulators (not to be confused with anal plugs!), which are made specifically to stimulate nerve endings around the anus and the prostate gland, to get a brighter sensation. Such toys are ideal for long caressing of the anal passage, since they have an oblong shape and can be introduced at different depths.

Women: As for women, almost all of them initially experience pain. It is pain and the fear of negative consequences that are the main reasons that the first experience no longer repeats, and the number of women who like it starts is only 20%. The fact is that nature provides only one function of the rectum – excretion, because everything opposite to this process is unnatural. The protective reaction is provided by a sharp compression of the sphincter – a circular muscle located along the perimeter of the anus. With the penetration of the compression of this particular muscle can often cause unbearable pain. That is why a sharp introduction to the anus of a member in no case should not be sharp (about the technique below).

However, there is an indisputable fact that among 20% ??of practicing anal sex in one form or another, there are those who cannot get any orgasm at all (neither vaginal nor clitoral) without additional and simultaneous stimulation of the anus. This means that stimulating the anal passage is the only way for them to enjoy it. By the way, in the article about how to behave during an orgasm, you will learn about the interesting details of orgasm in women and men.

The fact is that in more than half of the representatives of the weaker sex, the back wall of the large intestine is close to the wall of the uterus, so massaging it can lead to a faster and faster orgasm. In addition, there is a psychological factor: the feeling that something shameful and forbidden is being done, and at the same time the partner fills the whole of nature, acting in an exciting way.

Why doesn’t it go out right away?

How to engage in anal sex, so as not to hurt?

A great role in the understanding of anal sex, as the action of light and natural, played the porn industry. In addition to the frank video and photo materials that have filled up the Internet space, on which the heroes have absolutely no problems practicing anal sex, women’s magazines and books write about it, and sex shops are inundated with intimate toys. However, not all so simple. To achieve the desired result, the heroines of porn films are long prepared to practice special exercises; In the process of preparation, various lubricants and even devices that widen the passage are also used. Shooting porn requires a lot of work, and what is called ready-made material is nothing like the skillful cutting of the right frames, and then their plausible sound.In real life, newcomer experimenters face problems that are very far from unearthly pleasure.

Technique of anal sex

Experts and simply experienced ones advise immediately before penetrating to “walk the path” with a finger, which will make it possible to prepare for contact and get used to new sensations.

The use of high-quality anal lubricant will help protect the sensitive mucosa from possible infections, the appearance of microcracks and irritation. Anal lubrication perfectly relieves pain and relaxes the muscles of the anus.

Women during the penetration of the sphincter should be as relaxed as possible – do not pinch, because the pain will only increase. If during the contact there was a compression of the muscles, it is necessary to calm down and wait a bit after 10-20 seconds the muscles should relax again. Butt plugs are sometimes used in anal sex, get one now at Love Plugs.

To best prepare the anus for sex, you can use such sex toys as anal plugs. These accessories are designed specifically for the gradual adaptation of the muscles of the anus to a foreign body. In addition, they contribute to the stimulation of the nerve endings of the anus and cause additional stimulation.

Beginners’ Guide in Choosing a Vibrator

 Vibrators are those devices that can wear different shapes and sizes with a vibration system. These vibrators have evolved from simple cylinders to devices with innovative shapes, specially designed to overcome all women’s senses. They can be found at any sex shop.

Vibrators can be made of different materials, usually chosen from silicone, latex, metal and a material that perfectly mimics the human skin. Vibrators are divided into many, very many categories. Of the most important and most sought-after are:

  1. The first category is that of mini-vibrators. These vibrators can be up to 14 cm in diameter and variable. They can have different gears and know exactly where to reach to cause a shattering orgasm.
  2. Classical vibrators are used exclusively for vaginal penetration. Likewise, varying lengths and sizes, ranging from long and thin to short and thick but also long and thick.
  3. Anal vibrators usually have a smaller diameter for strictly elasticity reasons. These vibrators perfectly replace the partner, often having different gears.
  4. Let your senses reach out to these eccentric vibrators that are specially made to go straight to the target: point G.
  5. Realistic vibrators are made exclusively of revolutionary material that mimics the human skin perfectly, both in texture and elasticity.
  6. Clitoral vibrators are made for penetration but with another device attached to the normal vibrator it also stimulates the clitoris for maximum effect.
  7. Double vibrators have come to be extreme looking for the simple fact that no man can penetrate both the vagina and the anus of a woman at the same time, but these vibrators can.
  8. The Strap-on Vibrators are nothing more than a pair of slips attached to different vibrator designs, even double vibrators, for incredible lesbian pleasures.
  9. Vibratory eggs are mini-vibrators with oval shape used both for clitoral stimulation and for penetration.
  10. Waterproof vibrators are vibrating from any of the categories listed above but with the possibility of being used in shower or bathtub.

The vibrators have been, and they will still be challenged by men, who feel offended or perhaps useless. But the same story was about wearing pants at women. The vibrator cannot be your replacement, but rather as a help as a partner. But can you use normal vibrator for anal? So you need to know the basics first and do not hesitate when your partner wants to visit sex shop.

How to Choose a Vibrator

The wide variety of styles, sizes, and fabrics of vibrators can be both inspirational and discouraging. Finding the perfect vibrator requires some work, but pleasant. Answering some simple questions can prevent over-information and disappointment.

  1. Why do you want to use it?

Want to use it for the clitoris? Want to put it in your vagina or anus? Since almost anything vibrates produces pleasure if it touches or is close to the clitoris, penetrating vibrators can also be used outside of the vagina if the vibrations are strong enough at the top. Do you want both the penetration sensation and the so important clitoral buzz? Hi-tech vibrators do not let you give up any of the sensations in favor of the other. Rechargeable Vibrators are the strongest, so if it’s difficult to get orgasm, you could try one of these for the start. If you intend to use a toy for anal penetration, make sure it has a funnel base so it does not slip completely in. Some erotic toys are specially designed for anal use, but most are not, so it’s best to choose a special one made for anal play if that’s what attracts you.

How strong do you want the vibrations to be?

If you have never used vibrators, this is a question that is difficult to answer with certainty, so prepare to experiment! If your way of masturbating is a firm one and not a slight touch, you will certainly appreciate a strong vibration. Choose an adjustable vibration toy to play before you can discover how powerful the vibrations are to start your engine. After a few initial investigations, you will be ready to come up with a vibrant dream orgasm.

How much are you willing to spend?

Mini vibrator Lady Finger White is the cheapest vibrator we sell, it is strong enough and has a nice design. Some people want to test with cheaper vibrators. But if the luxurious, sensational rabbit Fun Factory Paul & Paulina double action falls into your budget, and you have the feeling that it will make you float, skip the preliminaries at any price and take it!

How big do you want it to be?

Discrete erotic toys in the purse are appealing to those who want orgasm on the go. But if it does not go too far from the bedside table, the size does not really matter. If you plan to use it for penetration, the circumference of the toy can be as impressive as the vibration intensity. If you’re not sure what diameter you want, it’s better to be smaller than too big to be sure it fits.

What do you prefer aesthetically?

You narrowed searches to two or three options, and you used all the information; now is the time to let go of the rational thinking and to choose the one who gives you the sexy side of your imagination. It could be the most beautiful, the most twisted, the most comfortable or the most familiar. Desire and aesthetics are personal; choose the vibrator or vibrator that speaks to you personally.

How to use a dildo

Dildos are the best choice of sex toys when it comes to self-esteem. Unlike vibrators, a dildo do not move alone. In fact, it only makes the moves you do. The major advantage is that you can control it to do a multitude of things that no part of the human body can do. You can also choose the exact shape and size you want. Most people think dildos are self-defining. Manufacturers are likely to agree with this, since they never include instructions for use in the packaging. But if using a dildo raises your

Curiosity and you do not know where to start, the steps below provide basic information on using a dildo, while providing enough space for personal interpretation.

Choose it carefully

The correct choice of a dildo is a basic element considering that a dildo does nothing but the movements you generate and does not produce any kind of movement. If you choose one too large it may not be suitable for you no matter how excited and motivated you are. If you choose a shape, or a color that does not attract you, it is also possible to find it difficult to use it. If you are not sure of the size you want, try to think about other objects that you used for penetration (fingers, penis, vegetables washed very carefully, etc.). If you use a dildo because you have never had penetrative sex, you should start using your fingers or a smaller dildo.

How to Achieve Intense Orgasm without your Partner

If you have courage, say the word vibrator in front of your friends. Blessed owners are thinking about their playful boyfriend, who gives them intense moments. Those who have not yet bought such a sex toy either dream a few moments of ecstasy or do not want it because they already have a ferocious male in bed. Whatever your category, learn everything about best anal vibrator for women! History, types, use and curiosities!

A little history of the vibrator!

For centuries, doctors have treated women against stress, migraines and hysteria by masturbation! Only in those days masturbation was known as “pelvic massage”. Doctors thought that the stimulation of the vulva had nothing to do with sex; it was just a medical practice for relaxation and treatment.

The first vibrator for external use has emerged from pure medical desires, being used to relax and treat rheumatism. In 1880 the first electromechanical vibrator was patented, and in 1902 the first electric vibrator available worldwide. Thus, the vibrator was among the first “house” electrical items, after the sewing machine, fan, kettle and toaster.

Quite fast, the vibrator industry has grown blooming. In the early 1900s, there were already advertisements for a lot of types of vibrators. We have chosen for you the funniest name: “Woman’s Home Companion”. In 1920, vibrators first appeared in porn movies, and their medical use for the decent society ceased due to sexual connotations. Of course, many hypocritical couples were abolishing the vibrator in public, while at home they used it with great pleasure.

Since the 1980s, vibration reluctance has come to an end with the opening of the public to sex and sex life. Thus, vibrators and sexual toys have been perceived as becoming more and more normal, opening up a lot of sex shop shops, especially in America.

The vibrator and the contemporary era

Compared to other sexual methods, the vibrator can bring you faster to orgasm. In addition, experts say vibrators produce a much more intense orgasm than manual stimulation.  Over the last 10 years, many doctors specializing in sexual therapy have recommended vibrators to women who have difficulty getting orgasm through another type of stimulation or even sex with their partner.


Also, many couples have one or more vibrators that spice and diversify their sex life. For a hot sex game, the vibrator can be the perfect prelude. Vibrators are sold in sex shop and not only in hundreds of shapes, colors, sizes, and even flavors, to meet even the most demanding sexual needs. Some vibrators need batteries, while others are plugged into a socket or vacuum-operated. Some are simple; others offer not only clitoral stimulation, but vaginal or anal.

7 types of vibrators

How many vibrators each day of the week! That’s a challenge!

  1. The clitoral vibrator

The clitoris vibrator is a sex toy that brings you on the verge of orgasm by stimulating clitoral. Although even a normal vibrator can stimulate the clitoris, most clitoral vibrators have a completely different shape: a special design, a small size, and a model of no length, but rather wide, slightly round.

There is even a vacuum-based clitoral vibrator that excites the clitoral area by enlarging it, acting just like a suction cup. Certain vibrators are designed to provide clitoris and point G stimulation at the same time. No matter what shape you choose (butterfly, rabbit, cat, tongue), the goal is the same: achieving clitoral orgasm at different speeds and intensities.

  1. Vibrator waterproof

Like waterproof mascara, the waterproof vibrator is waterproof. However, it contains batteries, so it should be good to make sure that the place of the batteries is well closed, before using it in the shower, in the bathtub or in the pool. It is good to use the waterproof vibrator along with a water-based lubricant, and after each use remove the batteries from it until new use.

  1. The hidden vibrator

The undercover vibrator is another type of discrete vibrator that can take the form of any object used daily: lipstick, phone, pencil, pen, etc. And find out that some women even use real mobile phones as a vibrator. Hidden vibrators are made of plastic, latex or vinyl, in a lot of shapes and colors, to fool the eyes of the curious. They are small, easy to carry, have one speed and one battery.

  1. Egg-shaped vibrator

The egg-shaped vibrator can be used both to stimulate the clitoris and to stimulate the vagina by inserting it into the vagina. The egg, also known as the egg of love, may also have the shape of a bullet, but not its size. This type of vibrator is considered to be one of the most discrete vibrators and sexual toys, since it does not measure more than 7 cm in length and 3 in width.

  1. Butterfly vibrator

This is the famous vibrator used by Rio Carnival dancers. They can be confused with a tiny slip that hides the vaginal area, but it is actually a butterfly vibrator with two heads: one for stimulating the clitoris and the other for insertion into the vagina.

The butterfly vibrator binds around the thighs and waist and can be used for extra stimulation during intercourse. It is sold in 3 types: traditional, with remote control or anal stimulation. They are made of silicone, plastic, latex or jellylike material and offer intense and fast pleasure.

  1. The vibrator ring

Well, here’s a vibrator for men, but whose results both partners enjoy! The partner has to insert the penis through the vibrating ring until it gets to the base of the penis. Once on, the ring not only provides the partner’s clitoral stimulation but also turns the penis into the coolest vibrator, 100% natural!

The term dildo is most often used for sex toys with a phallus-like end, but that does not provide any kind of vibration.

Vibrating dildos usually look more like a penis, being used for all types of sex: vaginal, oral, anal. They are designed for both individual and partner use, if you are keen for strong sensations. In addition, they may have two heads for vaginal and anal stimulation at the same time.

Knowing the Reason Why Men Love Butt Plugs

Anal sex is one of those around which disputes never abate. People cannot come to a common opinion: is it possible to engage in such sex, or is it “dirty”, indecent and unnatural? Does it hurt or is it nice? Is it worth trying? A universal answer to these questions cannot be given: everyone has his own opinion, his own personal experience. But for those who decide to try anal sex, you need to know a few rules in order not to get injured, unpleasant sensations, but to get some special pleasure and desire to try again. So butt plug and men has a very old self satisfying relation but that does not indicate to gay sex.

Many people themselves decide to diversify their sex life. But it also happens that a man sticks to his partner with such requests and says that he wants diversity – in fact, this is a fairly common problem. What should a woman do in this case?

Of course, do not humbly agree to all the requirements of men. For any woman, her personal comfort and pleasure should come first. And this is not selfishness, but concern for one’s health. Adequate, sexually literate and caring partner understands this. So do not rush into such a delicate matter. It is better to learn about anal sex as much as possible, and both partners must be engaged in this: it will be useful for a man to find out what he offers to his couple, and to a woman whether she wants to try it. If, after analyzing the information received, she did not want sex, and he continues to pester, then this is already a slightly different question – a question of psychology.

If the couple talked about everything, and both decided to try, they have to prepare – an individual process, each passing in its own way. Sexologists say that if everything is done correctly, the preparation will take only a few days. What is required to prepare the sphincter? The sphincter is a muscle, and they can also be trained, like all others. This requires special dilators (or butt plugs), which are sold in any store of intimate goods. A partner can help with the preparation – not forgetting the basic caresses, slowly with a large amount of lubricant to insert fingers into the anus, first one when the woman gets used, and the second, and then the third. And if three fingers are easily and painlessly inserted, the anus is ready for the penis.

It should be remembered that spontaneity is best left for other types of sex. It requires careful preparation about two hours before the intimation. To avoid unpleasant excesses, you must clean the intestines. Here you can use an enema, a circle or a laxative as the woman herself sees fit. Of course, you still need to go to the shower and wash the anus with soap. Do not be nervous and shrink, if a person is prepared, then there will be no problems.

During sex you should definitely relax and talk with your partner about your feelings. If suddenly there is pain, you need to immediately report it, remove the member and return to the main caresses. If there is no pain, you can continue. Women have no prostate, like men, but they can also enjoy pleasure from anal sex. The main thing is the right approach.

So it is usual that a person quickly gets used to everything good, a feeling of euphoria gives way to happiness, and in turn, happiness is transformed into satisfaction, which gradually turns into boredom. Remember your first kisses with a boyfriend – how many positive emotions they brought, but you can’t say anything about the hot months when you started living together.  Over the years of marriage, even the most unsurpassed lovers exhaust their arsenal of techniques. It is then that in order to maintain relations afloat, it is necessary to look for non-standard solutions. Anal sex in our culture is a strange concept. A very small number of women are at risk of giving a man a pass to the back door. Experts propose to send public opinion to the devil, overcome fears and learn to experience the pleasure of eating the forbidden fruit.

How to prepare for anal sex

Do not consider it necessary to conduct psychological training and to paint in paints meditative practices to soothe the nervous nerves. You are not ready for the rear docking; do not torment your body. Keep waiting for the stars to converge and the horoscope will spell luck. Next, will give without embellishment the physical aspects of the draft sexual intercourse, and let the excessively emotional personalities go away to smoke aside. Physically ready is also must before engaging into anal sex, so that you won’t be surprise what you’re getting into. I’ve used Loveplugs in the past to train my butt before doing it with my partner.

Elementary hygiene

A dirty and sweaty body was never considered attractive. Be sure to take a shower before sex! Both partners must be chiseled and unconditionally fulfill this rule. Brazilian hair removal will be a guarantor that at the crucial moment the naughty hair will not crash into the tender flesh of lovers and will not interfere with feeling the whole range of bliss.


Cleansing manipulations with the rectum are not an indispensable stage preceding anal proximity. You can refrain from eating within 4-5 hours before the appointed time, and visit the restroom in 2 hours, having set yourself the goal of emptying. Enema is recommended to those couples who are not confident in their bodies. The optimal volume of injected fluid is 1-1.5 liters a couple of hours before sex. Experts in this matter advised to use filtered chamomile decoction (it heals micro cracks). By the way, special solutions are sold in stores for adults. Keep in mind; frequent enemas are harmful to health.

Buy grease

The main difference between lubricants lies in their viscosity. Vaginal lubricants are not required to envelop the walls of the inlet. Anal means should be thick, slowly evaporate and provide a high coefficient of sliding. There are the following types of specific cosmetics: water-based lubricant – simple and inexpensive lubricants, can be used with sex toys made of any materials; silicone-based lubricant – provide excellent slip with minimal consumption of the product, almost not absorbed;  flavored grease – you will feel only a pleasant smell; lidocaine lubricants-sprays painkillers – due to the content of anesthetic of local action they reduce pain sensation;  disinfecting lubricants – contain a small amount of antiseptic that kills pathogens; lubricants with softening and relaxing effects – they facilitate the process of stretching the muscles, make the anus more susceptible for stimulation. Pack lubricants, not sparing money. Their quality directly determines whether you get pleasure from experiments.

Without foreplay anywhere your partner needs to prepare

Do not rush to take the anus on the boarding. Start with light touches, cover your ass with kisses, show courage and use your tongue. Rimming damn exciting, his power underestimated! Lubricate your hands with special massage oils; it is desirable to buy them together with a lubricant in the sex shop. In special means, manufacturers add a variety of aphrodisiacs that enhance sexual desire and stimulate nerve endings. They are not only guaranteed to relax the muscles, but also a hell of arouse.

More lubrication

Overdoing with lubrication in a delicate case of anal comfort is unrealistic. Feel free to stick the tube to the hole and pour the lubricant right in the ass. There will definitely be no harm from such actions, and it is difficult to describe the benefits in words.


Get excited! We are at a perfect place for getting excited, but just don’t get too wet. Hump is a homemade porn film festival by Dan Savage that will make you laugh, cry, and expand your norms. The most unique and one of a kind multi-city festival we’ve ever attended with five minute home made an adult film. Move away from very hot fit men and instead, focus on the art of sex and positivity. Each short was created specifically for the festival and never distributed online or DVDs before, so you know you are in for a treat. One way to ensure this is by asking filmmakers to feature specific items each year. This year they featured Mike Huckabee’s (POOPY FACE) book or hula-hoop. This is a perfect mix of naughty things, sex, penises, art, music videos, computer games, detective story, and bondage.

While these are homemade movies and are not professionally made, many of the shorts had very high production value, music, and big assets. As well as educational as you might learn something you’ve never known. It was fascinating watching a short about Transgender men. We have to mention again that you should be prepared to have your norms challenged and bent. It’s no longer about watching porn by yourself on a computer and instead of enjoying it with strangers like in old times at adult movie theaters. Only in this festival, no one is jerking off, hopefully.

Some of our most favorite films were the Hysterical Bullshit with an adorable woman reading Mike Huckabee’s (POOPY FACE) Gods, Guns, Grits and Gravy while someone is going down on her or enjoying a vibrator. We don’t get to see it but quickly realized she is having a hell of a time and it’s not from the book. Another one of our favorites was Cake Boss where a hot and well-hung guy was using cake ingredients on a woman. While it was about sex and not actually cake, we kind of wished it did end with a real cake. Our other favorite was a Collector about a very random guy who collects seamen from famous people. Ah and all the funny things that come from that. Let’s just say Larry King makes an appearance in one form. We were also a big fan of Film Bonoir, all shot with penises in outfits, googly eyes, car chase and wigs while a private investigator is solving a crime. That must have taken a lot of green screens and work. Wonder if any fluffers were involved hehe. It’s not all just about the penis and in a music video, I Fist a Grrrl its all about vaginas with a Katy Perry like a song. There is even a whole chorus of the song sang exclusively by vaginas. Let’s just say its the most this gay is seen in many years.

Make sure not to get too excited and take your phone out to record a hot scene. Like your penis, make sure to keep your phone in your pants because they are not allowed out. Or you might never see it again.

This festival is curated by Da Savage a journalist, relationship and sex expert who runs our favorite Savage Lovecast. It will open your eyes to a vast world of kink, genders, relationships type, and sex. The world may just become a bit more complicated and fun at the same time.

Oh no did you miss all the penises? Fear not, you can still catch this festival in these upcoming cities: Seattle, Ann Arbor, Portland, Philadelphia and Bend, learn more at www.humpfilmfest.com. What in the world, Bend is a real city? The event is pretty cheap with only $20 tickets, but it sells out very fast so make sure to get your tickets soon. Even things that might have been uncomfortable for us were still great and help us expand the worldview. After all, if you are surrounded by the only thing that is comfortable you are living a boring life. So make sure to make time for this amazing event that is a must for everyone.


Since 2005, Dan Savage’s HUMP! Film Festival has been bringing a new and unusual type of porn to the people: homegrown, artisanal, ultra-heady pornography. In this day in age, we’re steering away from the mass produced, the artificial and the generic, well, everything—so why not do it with our porn? We are the Millennials, hear us roar. We want to buy local. Give us our small batch porn.

The HUMP! Film Festival is a contest for the most creative, hottest and unusual styles of pornography, made by people just like you and me. All of the submissions are less than five minutes long, so if something’s making you squeamish—or horny—hang tight, it’ll be over soon. The winners are hand selected and taken on the road, touring around the country and showing at indie theaters from Seattle to Philly. This hand curated menagerie of smut is funny, touching (hehe), endearing, sexy and—at times—even educational. And, while seeing closeup shots of genitals on the big screen is sometimes slightly jarring, HUMP! is entertaining as hell.

HUMP! features all sorts of curious kinks, hilarious scenarios, naughty animation, colorful music videos, gay, straight, queer, trans, black, white and brown sex. Mouth stuff, hand stuff, genital stuff, butt stuff. S&M, BDSM, bondage, hot wax, fire, indoor sex, outdoor sex, twosomes, threesomes, fivesomes, whatever. Stuff you couldn’t dream up if you tried. Stuff you’d already dreamt up and tried not to. HUMP! is ultra sex positive, encouraging all walks of life to flaunt it, be proud of who they are and show us how it’s done.

Each year, HUMP! has a few suggested themes that are reoccurring throughout all of the videos and this year, those were hula hoops and Mike Huckabee’s book Gods, Guns, Grits, And Gravy (because poking fun at Republicans is fun for this festival—the more vulgar, the better). Highlights from this year’s HUMP! included an erotic reading (all the while trying to keep a straight face) of the aforementioned book, while something sexy was clearly going on beneath the table. A film entitled Cuckold realistically portrayed just how emotionally complicated having a threesome is. Film Bonoir depicted a black and white dick-puppet private investigative drama (googly eyes and all). The Collector was a deadpan comedy skit about an all-American, regular guy who loves to garden… and who collects cum (this film could’ve used subtitles, as your could barely make out the dialogue over the roaring laughter of the audience).

My personal favorite was arguably the strangest, entitled Lube Dispenser. There were animal masks, plastic bags over heads and outfits made of ACE bandages… and fistingLevel Up was a Mario-inspired journey through an empowering feminist video game, where a couple of fairies fought and defeated the patriarchy, which led to a really hot group sex scene. And there was a Dick Song that will probably be stuck in everyone’s heads while they’re at work all week, silently laughing to themselves while recalling the Peter Gabriel-style music video that had accompanied it.

But the most interesting film, by far, was called Blown. It showed two transgender guys giving each other head and discussing the process of their transitions, their acceptance of their bodies and how it pays off to find someone that you’re comfortable sharing yourself with—someone who is understanding and who cares about you and your pleasure. It was like an educational public service announcement: we are trans, these are our bodies, here are the answers to your questions and this is what it looks like. Really insightful stuff that you wouldn’t ordinarily encounter elsewhere.Big thanks to Dan Savage and the HUMP! crew, for (literally) giving everyone a platform to fuck on. And thanks to the Oriental, for giving HUMP! a venue to fuck in. Orgasms and boobies aside, HUMP! is important because it rehumanizes sex. Webcam girls and internet porn desensitizes us to the fact that real people are out there fucking all the time, and that’s hotter than the scripted stuff. Watching all that fake sex may make us cum—but it also makes us self-conscience, all too aware of our adorable flaws and our endearing awkwardness. But HUMP! embraces those little foibles and normalizes them. We’re all doing it, and we’re not perfect. And that’s okay.

Dan Savage Bringing Amateur Porn Film Festival to Philly in February

Since QFest went kaput, we’ve had little opportunity to sit in a movie theater with hundreds of strangers to watch films with titles like Beethoven’s Stiff and Anal Alley, but your luck is about to change, my dirty-movie-loving friend.

“Savage Love” columnist and outspoken LGBT advocate Dan Savage is bringing his dirty movie tour, HUMP!, to Philadelphia for the very first time in February. The film series includes 17 risqué flicks made by everyday folks from the Northwest who were challenged to “become temporary, weekend porn stars by making their very own five-minute dirty movies.”

The genres run the gamut from straight to gay to lesbian to, in true Savage fashion, “things we never knew existed.”

“We bill HUMP! as an amateur porn festival,” says Savage. “But it’s more than that. It’s rare for people to watch porn that takes them outside their comfort zones—it’s rare for people to watch porn that, if they were home alone in front of the computer, they wouldn’t choose to click on and watch. At HUMP! straight people watch gay porn, vanilla people watch kinky porn, gay people watch lesbian porn. And people laugh, they gasp, sometimes they cover their eyes. But at the end of every film people clap and cheer. It’s moving and wonderful and newcomers don’t expect it. The whole festival is a celebration of sexual diversity.”