How to Achieve Maxumum Pleasure with Sex Toys

Anal balls are a kind of sex toys and are a few balls, fastened like a bead with a string or semi-rigid connection. Also in the assortment of sex toys store “One Plus” can be found and balls on a rigid basis – metal or glass, but this type can be attributed to the varieties of dildos. Alas, many people do not even suspect how to use anal balls with maximum pleasure and what precautions must be taken, which is why they refuse from this amazing sensation of experiment.

As a rule, anal balls are used by the fair sex to excite a partner and the diversity of their sexual everyday life, since this sexual accessory perfectly stimulates the anus and also helps strengthen the walls of the vagina, which undoubtedly affects the quality of the sexual feelings of both partners. But anal balls are not only used by women.

Are anal balls suitable for men?

Some men also find certain benefits and pleasant sensations from stimulation of the anus. The fact is that the prostate is best stimulated through the anus, which is why men get much more pleasure from the process of dipping balls into the anus than women. You should also find out the answer to the questions like can you use anal beads in vagina?

Contrary to misconceptions and stereotypes, it is recommended that heterosexual men be used anal balls to increase potency and prevent hemorrhoids. And such prevention is much more pleasant if it is carried out with his beloved in the form of a sexual game, and not in the doctor’s office. When the prostate is stimulated with anal balls for men, the sensations are greatly exacerbated, the erection is improved and the prevention of unpleasant male diseases is carried out, which the beloved will definitely notice.

You should not listen to evil tongues and believe in prejudices, hinting at the unconventional orientation of such fun. There is no connection between prostate stimulation and the orientation of a man, and there can be no – this is just an anatomical feature and nothing more!

Rules for using anal balls and chains

It is necessary to use anal chains and balls carefully, with observance of precautionary measures. It is not recommended to use toys in the presence of any diseases of the intestinal tract, and indeed on this issue it is better to consult with a medical specialist.

Before using anal balls, it is worth examining certain safety requirements as well as personal hygiene rules to avoid unpleasant consequences.

In no case cannot be transferred to the temporary use of items used for sexual pleasures or take any for yourself. This is purely personal, like a toothbrush or a razor, which no one should use except the owner.

Like any new purchase that has contact with the body, the anal balls should be washed with warm (but not hot) soapy water and treated with antiseptic. You can not process products made of latex, cyber skin, rubber and plastic with chemically active detergents, as well as boiling water, as this will destroy their structure.

Anal balls in the process of long-term operation can be damaged; they can form cracks, chips or similar defects. In this case, this sex toy can not be used in any case, because the rectum inside has very delicate walls that are easily injured.

A good lubricant will ensure easy, pleasant and safe penetration of the toy into the anus. Saliva can also be used as a lubricant, but it is not very aesthetically pleasing and is not always safe – there is a mass of various microbes in the mouth. It is not recommended to use grease-based lubricants, as well as cream, because they destroy the structure of latex, from which balls are most often made. In addition, lubricants have a pleasant smell, but it does not interfere with anal games.

Do not get carried away and in the heat of passion shove the anal balls entirely in the anus, part of this sex toy should remain outside.

Anal balls are introduced gradually, because their sharp introduction can injure the rectum. Slow injection allows the sphincter and intestine to stretch to the required size. But you can take out both slowly and quickly – it all depends on individual preferences.

After use, like any sex toy, the chain (balls) must be washed with warm soapy water and treated with an antiseptic.

The use of anal balls can be for a couple of new sexual game, which also brings not only new sensations to women, but also the benefit of men.

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Anal sex: Many more have this phrase causing conflicting feelings. For some, this is an unusual and very pleasant sensation, often giving an orgasm, and for someone – an obscene and dirty business. The negative attitude towards non-traditional types of sex, which, in particular, is anal contact, is based on the prejudice that people with certain abnormalities are involved in this. Yes, there are some young people who prefer homosexual contact to heterosexual. But this article is more likely not addressed to homosexuals, because they are well aware of why certain anal stimulants are needed.

So why do you need it – anal sex?

First, anal stimulation gives pleasure to most men, regardless of their sexual orientation due to the peculiarities of the anatomical location of the organs of the reproductive system (the prostate is stimulated during anal contact). Many men do not confess about their desires, fearing misunderstanding on the part of their partner.

Secondly, anal stimulants and anal toys in general can solve the problem of the anatomical discrepancy of the partners’ genitals. If the partner, for example, after childbirth, has weakened the muscular wall of the vagina and during intimacy it no longer tightly grasps the man’s penis, then the woman and the man no longer receive the full sensation of sex. This problem is easily solved if the partners use a small anal plug during sexual intercourse. The stimulator inserted into the anus expands it, thereby significantly narrowing the vagina.

And thirdly, the use of anal stimulants is simply necessary if the partners decide to have anal sex, because the introduction of the penis into the anus without prior preparation (relaxation) of this area for this kind of contact can lead to very painful sensations and even injuries.

Anal stimulator is a product specifically designed for anal sex. It serves to increase the sensitivity during sexual intercourse due to the convergence (contact) of the walls of the anus and vagina in women, as well as stimulation of the erogenous zones of the anal area (both women and men). All anal stimulants have devices at the base that will help you keep the product out. Regardless of the complexity of the product and the accuracy of reproduction of the male sexual organ, all stimulators play the role of original simulators, manipulations with which allow you to study your own sexual reactions, to realize the most incredible sexual fantasies, to use them in sexual games with a partner.