What is the Importance of Using Butt Plugs?

Whole treatises are written about anal sex. The relevance of the topic, on the one hand, is fueled by the negative medical assessment of this action, and on the other, by the irrepressible imagination of experimenters who want to taste the forbidden fruit. In this article we will not try to write a manual on sexual practice, we will try to consider both the positive and negative aspects of this topic.

Where do legs grow from?

The opinion that anal sex is an exceptionally modern phenomenon is wrong. All forms of sexual activity, whatever they may be, are as old as all mankind. At the same time, anal sex was practiced at all times for various reasons: using it as a contraceptive, as a form of sexual satisfaction with homosexuality, in order to preserve virginity before the wedding, and even as a way to transfer spiritual knowledge from the teacher to the student. There are butt plug for beginners also.

What is it?

Many people think that by anal sex is meant directly penetration, but this form of sex also includes stimulation with your fingers, tongue or sex toys. Each of these forms of sexual activity has its name in sexology, but now we will not dwell on this in detail.

At the same time, the harmfulness of the possible consequences of such games depends on the pace, the onslaught of the partner and, as it may sound, the diameter of the penetrating object. This is exactly the case when size matters, because the thicker / longer the more careful partners should be.

Physiology: anal sex for men and for women

Men: According to online surveys, most of the men who have tried anal sex say that this is an incomparable pleasure, which arises mainly due to a closer space and, consequently, stronger stimulation of the penis. Therefore, trying such an alternative to ordinary sex, they experience a brighter sexual experience, and orgasm comes faster. At the same time, penetration often does not cause pain in a man.

Often, men use special anal stimulators (not to be confused with anal plugs!), which are made specifically to stimulate nerve endings around the anus and the prostate gland, to get a brighter sensation. Such toys are ideal for long caressing of the anal passage, since they have an oblong shape and can be introduced at different depths.

Women: As for women, almost all of them initially experience pain. It is pain and the fear of negative consequences that are the main reasons that the first experience no longer repeats, and the number of women who like it starts is only 20%. The fact is that nature provides only one function of the rectum – excretion, because everything opposite to this process is unnatural. The protective reaction is provided by a sharp compression of the sphincter – a circular muscle located along the perimeter of the anus. With the penetration of the compression of this particular muscle can often cause unbearable pain. That is why a sharp introduction to the anus of a member in no case should not be sharp (about the technique below).

However, there is an indisputable fact that among 20% ??of practicing anal sex in one form or another, there are those who cannot get any orgasm at all (neither vaginal nor clitoral) without additional and simultaneous stimulation of the anus. This means that stimulating the anal passage is the only way for them to enjoy it. By the way, in the article about how to behave during an orgasm, you will learn about the interesting details of orgasm in women and men.

The fact is that in more than half of the representatives of the weaker sex, the back wall of the large intestine is close to the wall of the uterus, so massaging it can lead to a faster and faster orgasm. In addition, there is a psychological factor: the feeling that something shameful and forbidden is being done, and at the same time the partner fills the whole of nature, acting in an exciting way.

Why doesn’t it go out right away?

How to engage in anal sex, so as not to hurt?

A great role in the understanding of anal sex, as the action of light and natural, played the porn industry. In addition to the frank video and photo materials that have filled up the Internet space, on which the heroes have absolutely no problems practicing anal sex, women’s magazines and books write about it, and sex shops are inundated with intimate toys. However, not all so simple. To achieve the desired result, the heroines of porn films are long prepared to practice special exercises; In the process of preparation, various lubricants and even devices that widen the passage are also used. Shooting porn requires a lot of work, and what is called ready-made material is nothing like the skillful cutting of the right frames, and then their plausible sound.In real life, newcomer experimenters face problems that are very far from unearthly pleasure.

Technique of anal sex

Experts and simply experienced ones advise immediately before penetrating to “walk the path” with a finger, which will make it possible to prepare for contact and get used to new sensations.

The use of high-quality anal lubricant will help protect the sensitive mucosa from possible infections, the appearance of microcracks and irritation. Anal lubrication perfectly relieves pain and relaxes the muscles of the anus.

Women during the penetration of the sphincter should be as relaxed as possible – do not pinch, because the pain will only increase. If during the contact there was a compression of the muscles, it is necessary to calm down and wait a bit after 10-20 seconds the muscles should relax again. Butt plugs are sometimes used in anal sex, get one now at Love Plugs.

To best prepare the anus for sex, you can use such sex toys as anal plugs. These accessories are designed specifically for the gradual adaptation of the muscles of the anus to a foreign body. In addition, they contribute to the stimulation of the nerve endings of the anus and cause additional stimulation.