How does Prostate Sex Feel?

How to find your prostate? This is really a good question that you will never find a satisfactory answer to. The problem is that you do not have a prostate. After all, you are a woman. Although you have everything you need for female sexual experiences. And you can also imagine what it’s like to penetrate a woman from a male perspective. You can imitate the movements and go on a mental journey but you can only imitate it, not feel it. Even if you have a strap-on buckle up and go into the active role, you feel nothing. Recently actually had a penis at short notice. You are allowed to look at the Spiegel online editorial porn with a VR glasses. What a thing! And then there came this woman to me, leaned down and took my virtual cock between her breasts. Interesting perspective, I thought. And already the film was over and three pairs of eyes from the editorial looked at me questioningly: “how was it?” I did not know exactly. There was nothing there to touch and feel. And if I have problems with the penis, how should I find out what the stimulation of the prostate feels like? But I’m not giving up that fast.

Prostate & G-Spot: Not so different

Talking about sex is one thing. Talking about anal lusts is another thing altogether. But this topic is especially associated with too much shame. And the prostate lies inside the male body and can be reached through the anus. That’s why men do not really like to talk about their experiences. There is a lot to discover here, if a man allows it.

The prostate has a status similar to the G-spot. Man has heard of it before, but does not know what to do with it. Now the access is difficult because the prostate cannot be felt by a vagina, but only by the anus. That’s a big hurdle, no question. There are men whose butt is an absolute restricted area. They may fumble with their partner; they may even dip there with their penis but when it comes to her own anus, no, no. Fears, prejudices and rigid role assignments keep them from this experience. It would be exciting in my view, just to experience this other side. You have the opportunity, use them! The anus is unisexual; here is the same right for both sexes. Everything is the same here, except for the prostate.

Do not be put off!

Of course, fears are also fueled by prostate exams. In the doctor-patient situation, there is always someone else, but not the patient. He stands there and has to lower his pants. This setting is only interesting for people with certain preferences. All others feel helpless and at the mercy of others. And now the following grip on the anus is truly no more exciting. There we have the above-mentioned parallel to the G point. His touch is only pleasurable when there is already excitement. Then he fills up like the prostate with fluid and emerges sublime. We all know the difference between pleasurable and off-putting. And a prostate exam is definitely off-putting. Therefore nobody needs to ask for such an investigation, how a gay man can only feel pleasure here. Hardly anyone will find this situation arousing. We women do not freak with pleasure when the gynecologist introduces a medical examination device into our vagina.

When men discover themselves

And then there are men who have already researched themselves very carefully:

  • Men who have sex with other men.
  • Men who try all sorts of Anal toys while discovering their prostate.
  • Men who learn in anal massage classes, how sensitive their rectum is and how incredibly fulfilling a prostate massage can be.

These are the men we are looking for. What did you experience? What feelings are up there? We women know that, this total surrender, to accommodate others, to let go. Men always think in heterosexual connection that they have to do something, have to move. They hope their penis stays hard. They focus on their partner and self-proclaimed responsibility for their orgasm on their shoulders. It’s hard to let go. Help of a sex toy might do. Try to navigate here for more prostate massagers and get yours now.

The secret lust of men

Just relax and let it go. In prostate stimulation, they experience something very similar to women at the G-spot. The first touch can be uncomfortable with both, especially without arousal. And as with the massage of the G-spot, it may be the feeling that the bladder is full. The prostate stimulation does not necessarily have to culminate in a climax. But she can do it. And then the orgasm seems to be much more intense.

And so men describe these feelings:

  • You experience whole body orgasms.
  • You feel the pleasure in it.
  • It tingles and trembles all over.
  • They report intense feelings of happiness, lust and lust.

They describe this orgasm as more intense and fulfilling than that caused by pure penis stimulation. Especially the latter we know from the G-spot. Again, some women describe their feelings as more intense and going through the whole body.

The anal massage – source of pleasure and devotion

A full erection, when deeply accepted, appreciated and revered, brings men to their powerful size. The phallic power is associated with the qualities of courage, power, potency, strength, assertiveness and the will to act, as the source of life and as a symbol of masculinity.

If men understand how to associate these qualities with their “female proportions”, which for example have something to do with beauty, devotion, abundance and delicacy, then they can bring their phallic power into the world as an expression of love and for the good of all life, They connect their “sword, the man, the warrior” with the “inner woman, with love and devotion”. Many men have a closed, hard anus and too strong an erection. They lack devotion. As a result, they can openly perceive neither themselves nor their partner during sexuality. This behavior results in sexual problems such as Praecox (premature ejaculation) or other ejaculation disorders.

The prostate and the G-spot

Just as most women report that their orgasms are deeper, wider, fuller and more supported, when a G-spot massage is added to the clitoral stimulation, an extensive prostate massage in men also leads to a deep and prolonged orgasm. Through the healing opening that is possible during prostate massage at all levels, the sexual energy can unfold and spread throughout the body and in the being of the man.

An orgasm that has been triggered mainly via the G-spot (the clitoris is peripherally involved in the development of an orgasm) is described by women as wide, connected, deep and long-lasting. This, too, is similar to the men’s sensation of orgasm, which was mainly triggered by the prostate : long-lasting, touching, deep, and carried. These kinds of orgasms let us experience our yin – the more “feminine” sensations of our sexuality.

The combination of clitoral and G-spot stimulation in women, or penis and prostate in men, is what women and men describe as a holistic experience of their sexuality. Thus, the woman connects with her “male” and the man with his “female” shares. This fusion of yin and yang makes us whole.