4 Things to Know Before Using Butt Plugs

5The Butt Plug will delight your butt and that of your partner! Its original shape consists of three balls of different diameter to gradually stimulate the anus. As you pass each ball you will experience intense sensations. Thanks to its small size, this plug is especially suitable for beginners. Its flat base facilitates its use and also serves as a stopper.

With lubricant this anal plug becomes very slippery. It consists of an extremely strong glass, is case-safe and almost unbreakable. This sex toy can be heated in hot water for unique and varied sensations or cooled in the refrigerator. This adult sex toy is easy to clean with soap and water or a special sex toy cleaner. It can be used with any type of lubricant.

Butt plug – anal plug

The butt plug or anal plug is called an aid used in fecal incontinence. In contrast to the anal tampon, the anus is closed by an internal balloon which is held close to the anus via a t-shaped shaft from the outside. This is to ensure a reliable seal of the anus.

The butt plug must not be used if there is damage to the intestinal wall in the area of ??the anus, bleeding from the anus, hemorrhoids, as well as anal fissures. Any suspicion of malignant tumors in the rectum area should be ruled out in advance, moreover, no surgery in the anal area should have been performed within a month.


Before inserting into the anus, the butt plug is briefly cleaned again with soap and water. Then a bump test is performed to check if the balloon is still tight. Add about 20-40ml of air or water through the valve into the balloon. If there are no leaks, the air or water can be sucked out again with the syringe and the butt plug is ready for use.

Can you boil a silicone butt plug? For hygienic reasons, the user should wear disposable gloves. Before inserting into the anus, coat the butt plug with a lubricant and fill the syringe with about 50 ml of air or warm water. Now the butt plug is inserted all the way into the anus with the valve pointing to the front. As an ideal posture for insertion, it has been found that a standing position should be taken and an angled at, for example, placed on the toilet rim. Now the filled syringe is attached to the valve and the balloon slowly filled while the butt plug is held firmly with the other hand. In general, about 20-40ml is needed to fill the balloon so that it seals well the anus but does not cause unpleasant feelings.

Especially at the beginning of the application, the butt plug should be worn only a few hours a day to get used to the feeling. Later, the butt plug can be worn for 12 hours or longer, but it should not be used overnight, according to the manufacturer, unless it is medically prescribed by the doctor.

The removal of the anal plug is also very easy and should be carried out as with the insertion only with disposable gloves. To do this, the same position is taken as during insertion. The empty syringe is now placed on the valve, and the balloon slowly emptied, while the butt plug is held firmly with the other hand. Now the butt plug can be removed slowly, while some chair with leak.


Since the butt plug according to the manufacturer is suitable for multiple use, the butt plug must be cleaned well after use with warm water and soap. It is important to ensure that no stool residue stick to the butt plug, then it can be used for well longer than a week.

Prescription Capability

As the anal stopper does not have an aid number yet, reimbursement by the statutory health insurance companies is not possible. However, the costs may be covered by a manufacturer’s clinical trial. Furthermore, there are patent issues, so the product is not officially available in stores.

Butt plugs

You like extravagant piercing with a special feeling? Then anal plugs offer you exactly what you are looking for. Attractive and available in numerous materials, some discreet anal plugs and butt plugs offer a lot both visually and sensory. So you can indulge yourself and charm your loved one with hot behind-the-scenes. In our guide you will learn what you should consider before buying.

What is a butt plug?

A butt plug, also anal plug or called in German anal plug, is a combination of a special piece of jewelry for the genital area and a small dildo. The toy is intended exclusively for anal use and therefore has a special shape. Introduced into the anus, the sphincter securely encloses the shaft, while the widening at the top prevents the little lust bringer from slipping. Here, the anus is stretched on a gentle way and the anal plug can thus ideally prepare for anal intercourse. Of course, you can just wear the hot piece of jewelry and enjoy the stretching. There are different types of butt plugs, for more information about butt plugs, visit loveplugs.

What makes the special charm?

Butt plugs offer several stimuli at once. In addition to the resulting strain, the weight plays a crucial role. Lightweight models that disappear almost unnoticeably in the bottom and reveal only the visible ornament, are ideal as jewelry, if it should just be something special in the genital area. The higher the weight – and this can be as low as a few grams for plastic plugs and up to 500g for metal variations – the more intense the stimulation is experienced.

It is also no longer a secret that most people in the anus are excitable. Depending on the type and your own feelings, this excitability can awaken completely new and intense feelings of pleasure. And the highlight is that you can deliver this sexual stimulation to you anytime, anywhere. Because a butt plug is a sweet little secret, which only – if any – your partner learns. So you can quite unabashedly live your desire and let fantasies play.

Butt plugs – for you, for him, for everyone!

The assumption that anal eroticism is given to homosexual men has long since been shelved. Many women love to be filled from the back and like to give the intense tingling charm of anal games.

For couples, the plug can provide new and exciting impulses because the little toy makes it possible to feel filled as a woman from the back and front and to fully enjoy the benefits of both seductions. You as a partner, however, will love to feel the new dimension of tightness and friction. And even heterosexual men come with this toy at their expense. Special models with the right length and diameter optimally stimulate the prostate. This effect on the male G-spot leads to an even more intense lust life and can lead to orgasms in entirely new dimensions.