Knowing the Reason Why Men Love Butt Plugs

Anal sex is one of those around which disputes never abate. People cannot come to a common opinion: is it possible to engage in such sex, or is it “dirty”, indecent and unnatural? Does it hurt or is it nice? Is it worth trying? A universal answer to these questions cannot be given: everyone has his own opinion, his own personal experience. But for those who decide to try anal sex, you need to know a few rules in order not to get injured, unpleasant sensations, but to get some special pleasure and desire to try again. So butt plug and men has a very old self satisfying relation but that does not indicate to gay sex.

Many people themselves decide to diversify their sex life. But it also happens that a man sticks to his partner with such requests and says that he wants diversity – in fact, this is a fairly common problem. What should a woman do in this case?

Of course, do not humbly agree to all the requirements of men. For any woman, her personal comfort and pleasure should come first. And this is not selfishness, but concern for one’s health. Adequate, sexually literate and caring partner understands this. So do not rush into such a delicate matter. It is better to learn about anal sex as much as possible, and both partners must be engaged in this: it will be useful for a man to find out what he offers to his couple, and to a woman whether she wants to try it. If, after analyzing the information received, she did not want sex, and he continues to pester, then this is already a slightly different question – a question of psychology.

If the couple talked about everything, and both decided to try, they have to prepare – an individual process, each passing in its own way. Sexologists say that if everything is done correctly, the preparation will take only a few days. What is required to prepare the sphincter? The sphincter is a muscle, and they can also be trained, like all others. This requires special dilators (or butt plugs), which are sold in any store of intimate goods. A partner can help with the preparation – not forgetting the basic caresses, slowly with a large amount of lubricant to insert fingers into the anus, first one when the woman gets used, and the second, and then the third. And if three fingers are easily and painlessly inserted, the anus is ready for the penis.

It should be remembered that spontaneity is best left for other types of sex. It requires careful preparation about two hours before the intimation. To avoid unpleasant excesses, you must clean the intestines. Here you can use an enema, a circle or a laxative as the woman herself sees fit. Of course, you still need to go to the shower and wash the anus with soap. Do not be nervous and shrink, if a person is prepared, then there will be no problems.

During sex you should definitely relax and talk with your partner about your feelings. If suddenly there is pain, you need to immediately report it, remove the member and return to the main caresses. If there is no pain, you can continue. Women have no prostate, like men, but they can also enjoy pleasure from anal sex. The main thing is the right approach.

So it is usual that a person quickly gets used to everything good, a feeling of euphoria gives way to happiness, and in turn, happiness is transformed into satisfaction, which gradually turns into boredom. Remember your first kisses with a boyfriend – how many positive emotions they brought, but you can’t say anything about the hot months when you started living together.  Over the years of marriage, even the most unsurpassed lovers exhaust their arsenal of techniques. It is then that in order to maintain relations afloat, it is necessary to look for non-standard solutions. Anal sex in our culture is a strange concept. A very small number of women are at risk of giving a man a pass to the back door. Experts propose to send public opinion to the devil, overcome fears and learn to experience the pleasure of eating the forbidden fruit.

How to prepare for anal sex

Do not consider it necessary to conduct psychological training and to paint in paints meditative practices to soothe the nervous nerves. You are not ready for the rear docking; do not torment your body. Keep waiting for the stars to converge and the horoscope will spell luck. Next, will give without embellishment the physical aspects of the draft sexual intercourse, and let the excessively emotional personalities go away to smoke aside. Physically ready is also must before engaging into anal sex, so that you won’t be surprise what you’re getting into. I’ve used Loveplugs in the past to train my butt before doing it with my partner.

Elementary hygiene

A dirty and sweaty body was never considered attractive. Be sure to take a shower before sex! Both partners must be chiseled and unconditionally fulfill this rule. Brazilian hair removal will be a guarantor that at the crucial moment the naughty hair will not crash into the tender flesh of lovers and will not interfere with feeling the whole range of bliss.


Cleansing manipulations with the rectum are not an indispensable stage preceding anal proximity. You can refrain from eating within 4-5 hours before the appointed time, and visit the restroom in 2 hours, having set yourself the goal of emptying. Enema is recommended to those couples who are not confident in their bodies. The optimal volume of injected fluid is 1-1.5 liters a couple of hours before sex. Experts in this matter advised to use filtered chamomile decoction (it heals micro cracks). By the way, special solutions are sold in stores for adults. Keep in mind; frequent enemas are harmful to health.

Buy grease

The main difference between lubricants lies in their viscosity. Vaginal lubricants are not required to envelop the walls of the inlet. Anal means should be thick, slowly evaporate and provide a high coefficient of sliding. There are the following types of specific cosmetics: water-based lubricant – simple and inexpensive lubricants, can be used with sex toys made of any materials; silicone-based lubricant – provide excellent slip with minimal consumption of the product, almost not absorbed;  flavored grease – you will feel only a pleasant smell; lidocaine lubricants-sprays painkillers – due to the content of anesthetic of local action they reduce pain sensation;  disinfecting lubricants – contain a small amount of antiseptic that kills pathogens; lubricants with softening and relaxing effects – they facilitate the process of stretching the muscles, make the anus more susceptible for stimulation. Pack lubricants, not sparing money. Their quality directly determines whether you get pleasure from experiments.

Without foreplay anywhere your partner needs to prepare

Do not rush to take the anus on the boarding. Start with light touches, cover your ass with kisses, show courage and use your tongue. Rimming damn exciting, his power underestimated! Lubricate your hands with special massage oils; it is desirable to buy them together with a lubricant in the sex shop. In special means, manufacturers add a variety of aphrodisiacs that enhance sexual desire and stimulate nerve endings. They are not only guaranteed to relax the muscles, but also a hell of arouse.

More lubrication

Overdoing with lubrication in a delicate case of anal comfort is unrealistic. Feel free to stick the tube to the hole and pour the lubricant right in the ass. There will definitely be no harm from such actions, and it is difficult to describe the benefits in words.